BRIT School

60 The Crescent

The BRIT School ( full name The London School for Performing Arts & Technology) is a secondary school for performing arts and technology in Selhurst in London, England. The school is financed with government funds and focuses on vocational training in the fields of performing arts, media, art and design, and related technologies, which makes the representation of these arts possible.


The BRIT School was founded in 1991 as part of the " City Technology Colleges ' initiative and funded by the British Record Industry Trust. The BRIT Awards gather at the annual award ceremony donations, which also benefit the BRIT School among others.

Admission Criteria

Prospective students must apply for a course. Meet the candidates the basic requirements, you are invited to an interview in her major subject ( media, music, musical, drama, stage equipment, dance) and also a conversation with her future teachers must also complete this major subject.


Among the graduates of the BRIT School include: