Industrial heritage

Under an industrial monument is meant an industrial plant, the protected monument as a memorial, so as testimony to past cultural history, and one can be legally listed as historical monuments. It should keep as a technical monument remembering the history of the industry, especially in the 19th and 20th century ( industrialization ) awake.

On the concept of the industrial monument

In particular, in the course of structural change of heavy industry and mining industry after the Second World War focuses on the industrial history as worth protecting cultural power - beyond the purely aesthetic value of engineering beyond - in the view point of the monument being. 1968 Industrial Park Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust is provided ( Coalbrookdale and Ironbridge in Shropshire ) under protection in the English Severntal, a milestone in industrial archeology. In 1984, the term industrial heritage recognized by the Council of Europe.

Many European regions have a variety of industrial monuments with a time typical industrial architecture, such as the Ruhr, Saar witnesses of the mining industry, which is very heavily influenced by the machine and vehicle construction area of ​​Chemnitz -Zwickau, Catalonia, northern England, eastern France and northern Italy with textile and engineering industries. Since the end of the 20th century received many industrial monuments Even in the wake of the establishment of the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park in Germany. In recent years, both the concept of industrial landscape back as an industrial ensemble, as well as testimonies of the early industrial sector of the 17th and 18th century in the circle of the monument cost industrial objects.

Protected industrial plants are often already out of service. Industrial monuments are therefore often used as museums or exhibition and event purposes (see also the reuse of old buildings ). As far as they are privately owned, they are hardly accessible to the public.

Examples of industrial monuments

  • Mining and mining industry Völklingen
  • Zollern mine in Dortmund - former coal mine, the first industrial monument in North Rhine -Westphalia
  • Coking plant Hansa in Dortmund
  • Zeche Zollverein in Essen - former coal mine
  • Henrichshütte Hattingen
  • Landscape Park Duisburg-Nord - former steelworks
  • Ferropolis near Bitterfeld - former lignite mining
  • Malakow towers - as conveyors of mining in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • See also Route of Industrial Heritage
  • Messinghof (Kassel )
  • Styrian Erzberg
  • Lead and silver hut Braubach
  • Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg ( partial)
  • Chemnitz Museum of Industry
  • Hoffmann shear ring kiln Brickworks Museum Glindow
  • Ziegeleipark Mildeberg
  • Kalktrichterofen Wuppertal
  • Augsburg textile district
  • Saxon yarn factory
  • Oxygen plant II in Peenemünde
  • Test VII in Peenemünde
  • Gasometer, for example, the Gasometer Oberhausen, Gasometer Vienna, Gasometer Berlin- Schöneberg, Gasometer Zwickau or gas plant in Augsburg, Duisburg, Münster ( Westfalen)
  • Kraftwerk Heimbach Heimbach (Eifel ) - Art Nouveau power plant
  • Koepchenwerk in Herdecke - former hydroelectric plant
  • Peter Behrens Building the AEG of 1901 in Berlin- Oberschoeneweide
  • Power plant Zschornewitz
  • Inner harbor in Duisburg - former industrial port
  • Ship Henrichenburg in Waltrop
  • Ship Niederfinow on the Oder- Havel Canal in Brandenburg
  • Bottles tower of the former Engelhardt brewery in Berlin
  • Landskronbrauerei, Görlitz
  • Brewery & Distillery brothers Sünner, Cologne-Kalk
  • Old Malthouse Regensburg, Regensburg
  • Malt Factory G. Naefeke, since 1996 stilwerk Hamburg
  • Machines transmitter SAQ, Grimeton
  • Transmitter King Wusterhausen
  • Radom Raisting
  • Bauer mill in Uetersen
  • Ice factory in Berlin-Mitte
  • Palm kernel oil storage at Berlin- Stralau
  • Rye mill Lehndorf in Braunschweig

Photo Gallery

Industrial AEG on the River Spree, view from Berlin- Niederschoeneweide

The only remaining transmission tower (210 m ) of the transmitter King Wusterhausen

Former Saxon yarn factory in Leipzig, converted into loft apartments since 2001

Manor of Bernhard 's spinning in Chemnitz- Harthau

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