Jincheng (晋城; Pinyin: Jincheng ) is a city in southern China's Shanxi province.

Administrative Divisions

The prefecture-level city of Jincheng is made at the county level from a municipality, an independent city and four counties. These are:

  • Municipality Cheng (城区= " downtown district " ) -城区Chéng Qū;
  • Gaoping City -高平 市Gaoping Shì;
  • Circle Zezhou -泽州县Zezhou Xiàn;
  • Circle Qinshui -沁水 县Qìnshuǐ Xiàn;
  • Yangcheng county -阳城 县Yangcheng Xiàn;
  • Circle Lingchuan -陵川 县Lingchuan Xiàn.