Jirapa/Lambussie District

The Jirapa / Lambussie District in the northwest of Ghana is one of eight districts in the Upper West Region. The district has a narrow strip of border with the neighboring country of Burkina Faso to the north. The name derives from the district arethe two traditional territories or " Paramountcies " here, so areas of traditional rulers who still have significant influence even today. These areas are Lambussie and Jirapa.

Ethnic structure of the population

The residents of the district belong to predominantly Gursprachigen various peoples north of Ghana, especially the Dagaaba and Sissala. Additionally, it contains live Mossi, Wangara, and Walla.

More significant towns

  • Hamile
  • Tizza
  • Lambussie
  • Billaw
  • Karni
  • Samoa
  • Han
  • Sabuli
  • Tapomo
  • Nimbare
  • Chapuri
  • Suggo ( Suke )
  • Piina
  • Kuunkyeni
  • Kunzokala
  • Tampala
  • Ullo ( Vlo )
  • Kogri
  • Kpari.