Lawra District

The Lawra District in the northwest of Ghana is the smallest of the eight districts in the Upper West Region and has both in the West and in the North a common Gremnze with the neighboring country of Burkina Faso. The district is home to Lavra and Nandom two Paramouncies, ie areas of traditional authorities.

Ethnic structure

Within the district there are Sisaala and Dagaara - speaking groups between which there has been in the past to considerable conflicts over land rights. The Sisaalasprechende population belongs to Paramouncy Lambussie, the Dagara to Nandom.

More significant towns

Only three villages in the district, Lavra, Babila and Nandom, have urban character, more than 5000 inhabitants.

  • Lavra
  • Babila
  • Nandom
  • Boo
  • Doweni
  • Bu
  • Nabugangn
  • Kunyukuo
  • Puffien Baagangn
  • Brutu
  • Lissa
  • Eremon - Zinpen
  • Tantuo
  • Kogle
  • Naapaal
  • Eremon Yagra Ku Ongzigre
  • Kentuo
  • Munyopele
  • Eremon - Kuo- Ang ( Naburanye ).