John Bruno (special effects)

John Bruno ( * 20th century ) is an American film technicians and specialist in visual effects in the film.

In 1990, he won along with Hoyt Yeatman, Dennis Muren and Dennis Skotak in the category " Best Visual Effects " Oscar for the underwater thriller Abyss - Abyss of Death, in which James Cameron directed. The film was nominated in three other categories and was further nominated for a Saturn Award in the category of "Best Special Effects. "

Bruno made ​​its appearance in the film industry in 1971. In the animated film Shinbone Alley, he served as an assistant animator. In 1977 he contributed an episode of Scooby -Doo, a successful American animated series Scooby 's All Star Laff -A- Lympics. From 1979 to 1980 he was responsible for an additional 16 episodes of the series as a story director. His first film work on his specialty Special Effects / Visual Effects gave Bruno 1981 for the Canadian science fiction animated film Heavy Metal, which was nominated for a Saturn Award for "Best science fiction film". 1985 Bruno Richard Edlund addition, Mark Vargo and Chuck Gaspar was with the science-fiction - fantasy - comedy Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters nominated for an Oscar. The film won the 1985 Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. In 1987, Bruno, as well as his colleague Richard Edlund, Gary Waller and Bill Neil, again nominated for an Oscar with the horror film Poltergeist II - The Other Side. 1990 belonged to Bruno for scoring crew at the movies Die Hard 2 and Misery. In 2000, the film specialist co-wrote with Robert Picardo for the television series Star Trek: Voyager episode Lifeline ( lifeline ), having previously / 2000, two episodes of Star Trek 1999: had staged Voyager.

For the filming of the jobs created by Bob Kane Batman comics Batman Returns, directed by Tim Burton Bruno alongside Michael L. Fink, Craig Barron and Dennis Skotak 1993 was again nominated for an Oscar. The film also received a nomination for the BAFTA Award in the category Specials Effects. Another Oscar nomination was for Bruno and his colleagues Pamela Easley, Neil Krepela and John Richardson in 1994 for the action-adventure movie Cliffhanger - Only the strong survive. 1995 Bruno, along with Thomas L. Fisher, Jacques Stroweis and Patrick McClung was again nominated for an Oscar for James Cameron's action movie True Lies - Where the Truth Lies. With this film, Bruno won a Saturn Award and was also nominated for the BAFTA Award. In my film Bruno was seen in a small role as a guardian. In 1996 he was a director on the short film T2 3 -D: Battle Across Time involved. 1999 Bruno was with virus - Ship of no return his debut as a film director.

Along with James Cameron and Chuck Comisky Bruno was responsible Ghosts of the Abyss for the production of the documentary film released in 2003. The film received a BFCA nomination for "Best Picture". 2006 Bruno was awarded with the comic book action film adaptation X -Men: The Last Stand the Satellite Award and in 2007 was nominated for a Saturn Award.

As Bruno's last work so far IMDb lists the not yet tarnished incurred directed by Brett Ratner film Hercules. The movie database includes 22 films on Bruno's account " Visual mask effects " from as well as various other accounts that show his work in a different function.


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