Juigalpa, Chontales

Juigalpa on the map of Nicaragua

Juigalpa is capital of the department Chontales in Nicaragua. It is connected to the 139 km distant Managua on Carretera Rama ( Boaco - San Miguelito ).


In Juigalpa are branches of the Nicaraguan and Central American universities.

  • Cristiana Universidad Autónoma de Nicaragua ( Uçan )
  • Universidad Internacional ( UNIVAL ) - Chontales
  • Universidad National Agraria - Juigalpa
  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua ( inappropriately ) - Chontales

Fiesta Patronal

The Fiesta Patronal of the Assumption is the week of August 15. A large part of this celebration takes place in the city center in the Plaza de Toros. Here also a bull riding takes place about five people die every year at the injury. Why is it a good feast day when nobody dies. As Mayor Domus acts partially Alcaldía and the Fundacion Para La Promocion y el Desarrollo ( PRODESA ) invites you to their land west of the city.


Juigalpa means in Nahuatl thicker pumpkin or nest of black snails. 1659 Juigalpa was named in the application for allotment of ejidos, the Alcaldes Jerónimo de Villegas at the Presidente de la Audiencia de Guatemala, Sebastián Álvarez Alfonso Rosica de Caldas ( 1666-1671 ). On April 24, 1668 The Ejido has been assigned. 1752 Juigalpa de la Asunción was a village with a Cabildo de Indios, a Cabildo de Españoles, with 34 courtyards, 224 people and a Milicia. February 4, 1862 Juigalpa was upgraded to a villa ( town ). The Constituent Assembly of the Partido Legitimista ( PL) ( Conservador ) in Granada (Nicaragua ) increased in December 1833 established by law that Nicaragua would be divided into three Departementos, Chontales belonged in this outline to Granada. On June 11, 1877 Juigalpa capital of the department Chontales what also Acoyapa had advertised. 1935, the Department of Boaco was separated from the department of Chontales. 1949 was spun off from the Department of Chontales Department of Río San Juan. The town is a station of land transport in the east of Nicaragua. The sister cities of Juigalpa are The Hague and Leiden in the Netherlands.


Juigalpa is at the foot of Serranías de Amerrisque which are the watershed between Lago de Nicaragua and the Atlantic. The Carretera through the deepest part of Juigalpa. The hills have partial view of the Serranías de Amerrisque. Juigalpa has 20 Comarcas (districts ).


The supply of electricity is done via a local network. The fixed network is operated by Enitel. The two mobile phone companies in Nicaragua, Claro and Movistar, cover the metropolitan area of ​​Juigalpa. There are a handful of radio stations in Juigalpa belong to this company: Asunción Radio 720 AM, 870 AM Radio Centro, Radio 100.1 FM and Estereo Sabrocita Medidano 94.1. There are two local channels, Canal 14 and Canal 20 The insured patients hospital called Hospital Camilo Ortega Saavedra.


  • Discos: Café Iguana, Hotter 's ( Caracoles Negros ) and La Quinta.
  • Thomas Belt Zoo,
  • Gregorio Aguilar Barea Archaeological Museum with several stone carvings and other artifacts from the Sierra de Amerrisque.


The bus connection from Managua 's Mercado Mayoreo and has a journey time of about three hours, and two by express. There are also charter helicopters from Managua. Within the city, taxis are the predominant means of transport.


In the department Chontales 90 % of the beef in Nicaragua are produced. Casey B. Welch came in 2001 with the United States Peace Corps after Juigalpa, since he has a company for Beef Jerky in Juigalpa.