K.A.O.D. B.C.

KAO Dramas ( KAOD ) (Greek ΚΑΟ Δράμας ) is a Greek basketball team. The club currently plays in the Greek A1 League, the top league in the country.


KAO Dramas was founded in 1989 after the spin-off from previously also based in drama club AO was the drama takes place. This happened only a year after you could achieve together the championship in 1988 in the Gamma Ethniki. In the following years the fledgling club went through in a very short time all Greek leagues and even made ​​the jump to the A1 Ethniki, the top division in Greece.

1999 won the championship of the Beta Ethniki KAOD and rose the first time in the A2 Ethniki. Two years later the club was a master of zweten league in the A1 Ethniki. After descents down to the third league KAOD in 2011 rose again as a master in the highest league.


Play their home games in the 1997 KAOD built indoor sports dome " Dimitrios Krachtidis " from. The 1,600 -seat hall was one of the smallest in the A1 Ethniki and 1999 was hospitable crucial for two European Championship qualifiers against Belgium and Germany. Here in 2002, the Greek All-Star Game was held.

Current squad

Significant or known former players

  • Greece Evangelos Vourtzoumis