Kaliopi Bukle ( maz.: Калиопи Букле; born December 28, 1966 in Kičevo ) is a Macedonian rock and pop singer.

As a child she already won a singing competition. As a teenager she traveled throughout Yugoslavia as a member of a choir. In the 1980s she became known as a singer of the pop duo Kaliopi across the country. Next to her, acted her then partner of that composer Romeo Grill in the band. After two successful albums to Kaliopi decided to start a solo career. She won in 1996 with their self-composed piece Soul Samo ti the first Macedonian preliminary decision at all to Euro Vision Song Contest, but was voted out in the qualifying round and could therefore not participate in the contest in Oslo. 1999 their first solo album oboes Me

In 2009 she won with singer Naum Petreski the pop music competition Sunčane scale entitled rum dum dum.

Makedonska Radio Televizija certain in November 2011 that Kaliopi Macedonia should be represented at the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012. With the rocking song Црно и бело ( " Black and White ") succeeded to the place in the final, where she finished in 13th place.

Discography ( albums)