Kazungula, Zambia

- 17.79027777777825.269444444444Koordinaten: 17 ° 47 ' S, 25 ° 16' O

Kazungula is a border town located in the southwest of Zambia on the Zambezi River, near the border with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. There is a ferry across the river to Botswana, except in air traffic the only direct connection between the two states. Kazangula is the seat of the administration of the district of the same with 68 265 inhabitants ( 2000 census ).

Kazungula is located in the south a vast Sambesiaue, in the much cattle breeding. The town lies on the narrow body which accumulates these floodplain. The town is an important trading center.

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  • Location in Zambia
  • Southern Province (Zambia )
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