Livingstone, Zambia

- 17.86666666666725.85Koordinaten: 17 ° 52 ' S, 25 ° 51 ' E

Livingstone is the capital of the southern province of the Republic of Zambia, located very close to the Victoria Falls on the Zambezi.

The town was founded in 1904, when the Victoria Falls Bridge was completed. It was named after David Livingstone and was 1911-1935 the capital of Northern Rhodesia. As an alternative name to Maramba has established. It has around 110,000 inhabitants ( 2005) and is adjacent to the 66 -acre Mosi oa Tunya National Park. It is the seat of the administration of the district of the same with 103 219 inhabitants ( 2000 census ).

Livingstone has good road and rail links to the south ( Zimbabwe), west (Trans Caprivi Highway) and north ( Lusaka, Copperbelt ) and is also accessible via the International Airport Livingstone. The city lives mainly from tourism, as it is the starting point for tours to the Victoria Falls and benefits from the offerings of the many operators in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, like bungee jumping from the railway bridge and whitewater rafting. Since the deterioration of social conditions in Zimbabwe, there is a boom of tourism in Livingstone at the expense of Victoria Falls.

In Livingstone, the Livingstone Museum, which was founded in 1930 and archaeological finds from Ingombe Ilede issues that originate from the time of Munhumutapa Empire stands.

Livingstone is the seat of the Diocese of Livingstone.


The Livingstone Museum

Main street in Livingstone

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