Kenyan general election, 1969

The parliamentary elections in Kenya in 1969 were limited elections in which the ruling party had pre-selected candidates. They were held in Kenya on December 6, 1969. The elections marked the final transition to Kenya's one-party state. The 158 members of the Kenya National Assembly, who had been elected through free and fair parliamentary elections in Kenya in 1963, had already exceeded its five -year term at the time of elections by a year.

Before the election, the incumbent President Jomo Kenyatta had the leftist Kenya African People's Union ( KAPU ) banned on 30 October 1969 on the grounds that she was " subversive ". On 7 November, he dissolved the National Assembly and announced shortly after new elections for December 6 at. 600 candidates who were all members of Kenyatta's own party Kenya African National Union (KANU ), were granted on 26 November for election, after they had sworn an oath of loyalty, which contained the commitment, among other things, 50 pounds (meaning the Kenya - Schilling ) to pay to the party coffers, which should be repaid in the event of the successful candidate. With a turnout of 44.6%, 157 men and one woman were chosen from this selection. In the individual constituencies were 2-10 candidates against each other. 77 members of the old National Assembly, which had competed for election, were not re-elected, 50 members of the old congregation once again received the approval of the voters. 108 candidates for the first time won a mandate in the National Assembly.


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