KK Cibona

2011/12: 1st place

2011/12: 7th place

European Cup Winners' Cup ( 2 times ) 1982 1987 Korać Cup 1972 Croatian champion ( 17 times ), 1992-2002, 2004

Croatian Cup winners ( 6 times ) 1995, 1996, 1999,

Yugoslavian Champion ( 3 times) 1982, 1984, 1985 Yugoslavian Cup Winner ( 8 times ) 1969, 1980 and 1983,

KK Cibona is a Croatian basketball club from the capital Zagreb.


The basketball club KK Cibona in Zagreb was founded in 1946 under the name " Sloboda ". After several name changes in the fifties, the club wore for a long time the name Lokomotiva and received in 1975 the final name Cibona, which goes back to a corporate conglomerate in the food sector ( firms were belonged to this conglomerate Franck, Badel, Kras and others). The name is a composition of the words Cipele Bomboni Nara for shoes, candies, Nara ( a Croatian refreshing beverage ).

The golden age of the club were the 1980s, when world class players such as Dražen Petrović, Krešimir Cosic and played in the club. So 1980-1987 14 items were brought, including 1985 and 1987 the European Cup of Champions. Since 1977 Cibona Zagreb has always participated in a European competition, except for the 1991 / 92nd

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Current competitions

Cibona takes in the Croatian national league (A-1 league) part, but only in the final. The peak season to play in the NLB League. It provides a national league basketball clubs from the former Yugoslavia dar. After finishing the season in the NLB League, take part in the finals of the Croatian domestic league. This tournament consists of the top four teams of the first Croatian Basketball League, as well as the currently four Croatian participants in the NLB League together. Will be played in league mode, and then a knock- best of three.

In Europe, the basketball club Cibona played from 1992 to 2011 with the exception of the 1998/99 season without interruption in the ULEB Euro League. After Cibona is 2011/12 failed to qualify for the Euro League, to play in Eurocup.

Current squad