KL is an abbreviation for:

  • Lieutenant commander in the German naval forces an officer of the rank group of the men who is the captain in the Army and Air Force comparable
  • Kazaa Lite, peer -to-peer exchange program ( file ) of the Internet Exchange KaZaA, see Kazaa Lite versions
  • Church leadership in a Protestant Church
  • Lottery
  • Terminal designation in the automotive electrical systems
  • KLM, a Dutch airline after the IATA code
  • Contact lenses, vision aid
  • Concentration camps during the period of National Socialism
  • County league, in most German sports associations the term for the lowest divisions in the league system
  • Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia
  • Kullback / Leibler, two mathematicians and cryptographers, see Kullback -Leibler divergence
  • Artificial Life, schedule created by the human beings
  • SED district leadership, see Socialist Unity Party of Germany

KL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern County
  • UK: Borehamwood ( for around Luton )
  • India: Kerala
  • Montenegro Kolasin
  • Netherlands: Army: ( hook size: Koninklijke land power ) (only with two letters )
  • Norway: Drammen in the province Buskerud
  • Austria: district Klagenfurt-Land
  • Serbia: Kladovo
  • Czech Republic: Kladno ( discontinued)

Stands for:

  • Chemical solubility

K stands for:

  • Class
  • Small car (railway)
  • Hanns Klemm, on behalf of airplane models that have been developed from it ( for example, K 107 A or Klemm Kl 32)

Kl stands for:

  • Kalaallisut, Greenlandic language according to ISO 639-1
  • Kiloliter ( 1000 liters ), see liter
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