KONICE ( German Konitz ) is a city in the Czech Republic. It is situated 18 kilometers northwest of Prostějov in Drahany country and belongs to Okres Prostějov.


KONICE is located in the north of Drahany country in the valley of Romže. Neighboring towns are Ladin, Březsko and Michnov in the north, Ochoz in the northeast, Vysehrad Castle, and Zavadilka Budětsko in the east, in the southeast Štarnov, Kremenec and Runářov in the south, and Skřipov Šubířov in the west and Dzbel and Jesenec in the northwest.


The first mention of KONICE dates from the year 1200. Owners of the places was at the end of the 12th century Adam z Choliny. After the noble families of Helfstein, Cimburk and Tovačov the Schwabenitzky that KONICE followed from 1434 to 1655 held. 1446 was awarded the fair market KONICE the right to bear a seal. 1699 bought the Hradisko the possession and the abbot Norbert Želecký of Počenice had carried out extensive construction, which included the construction of the church Nativity of Mary and the construction of a castle instead of the old parties.

After the secularization of the monastery during the Josephine reforms from 1784 KONICE fell to the religious fund from which the Brno producer Karel Příza 1825 the property acquired. The castle with the associated land belonged until 1945 Příza family. Since the second half of the 19th century Konitz seat was a district court in the political district Littau.

In 1970 KONICE became a town.

Local structure

The city KONICE consists of the districts Čunín ( Tschunin ) KONICE ( Konitz ), Kremenec ( Kremnitz ), Ladin ( Ladin ), Nová Dědina ( Neudorf b. Konitz ) and Runářov ( Runarz ).


  • Castle KONICE, built 1703-1705 by the Olomouc architect Lucas Gloeckel as a summer residence for the abbot of the monastery Hradisko Norbert Želecký of Počenic, now serves as the city's cultural center
  • , Created a statue of St. Florian am Schloss 1740 by Andreas Zahner
  • Erected statue of St. John of Nepomuk on the Mark, 1717 Statue of St. Florian from 1733, in the old town

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jan Březina (* 1954), politician
  • Petr Oslzlý ( b. 1945 ), playwright, screenwriter and actor
  • Pavel Trávníček (* 1950), actor