Kushiro, Hokkaido

Kushiro (Japanese钏 路 市, - shi) is a Japanese city in the east of the island of Hokkaido and the administrative seat of sub-prefecture Kushiro. Your remote location gives the city in the rest of Japan, a mystical and exotic background. So it is, for example, Subject of many Japanese hit.


A two meter high tsunami wave reached the port of Kushiro at 3:51 Japan Standard Time on 11 March 2011 after the Tōhoku earthquake.



Kushiro is located east of Sapporo and west of Nemuro on the Pacific Ocean. In Kushiro opens the same river in the Pacific.


Kushiro is an average of 6 ° C probably the coolest city in Japan. Temperatures range from -7 ° C in January to 18 ° C in August, with 1100 mm of rainfall per year fall. The climate is despite the location yet to be determined by the monsoon, which has the consequence that most of the precipitation falls in the summer months.


  • National roads 38, 44, 240, 241, 274, 391


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Yukinobu Hoshino (born 1954 ), a manga artist
  • Akira Ifukube (1914-2006), composer
  • Bin Ishioka ( born 1984 ), ice hockey player
  • Satoshi Kon (1963-2010), screenwriter and film director Anime
  • Hiroyuki Miura (born 1973 ), ice hockey player
  • Yasuhiro Ouchi (* 1982 ), ice hockey player
  • Kentaro Sadamune ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player
  • Kota Tanaka ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player
  • Kazuki Yamamoto ( born 1986 ), ice hockey player

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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  • Kushiro -chō