Lada 110

The Lada 2110 is a Russian automaker AvtoVAZ from (Russian АвтоВАЗ ) in the city of Togliatti in 1995 built until 2008 notchback sedan. He entered as a standard model for export in the Year of the successor to the Lada Forma. The Lada 2110 was last in two engine variants (Li 8V with 60 KW, 67 KW GLi 16V, both the same engine capacity 1.6 liters ) delivered, which met the Euro 4 standard. The company Suzuki Egypt S.A.E. Headquartered in 6th of October City, however, the Lada 2110 is still further built. The based on the Lada 110 112 succeeds the Lada Samara.

Popular the Lada 2110 in western riders mainly because of the relatively low purchase price, compared with Western European, Japanese or even Korean cars in the same class.

The Lada 2110 was also offered with LPG engine in all its variations ( see below). Negative rated (most recently in a test of the magazine Auto Bild ) is, among other things, the large percentage of impairment as a result of the low resale price. Because of the low cost but the impairment in euros and cents is extremely low. The vehicles are sturdy and durable; in the first months of operation, however, occasional processing deficiencies must be corrected.

Since autumn 2008, 2110 by the new Lada Priora (type 2170 ) has been replaced and thus also no longer offered on the Russian market for new cars. The combi ( 2111 ) Hatchback ( 2112 ) and the coupe version ( 2112 Coupe) were 2008 and 2009 continue to re- offered until its replacement in Russia.


A hatchback version will be offered as Lada 112, Lada Kombi 2111 and a coupe as Lada 21123. In each export eliminates the leading two, here were called the Lada 110/111/112 models, the coupe was not exported.