Lada Silhouette

The Lada Silhouette (VAZ-2116) is the manufacturer AvtoVAZ, which was presented at the Moscow Motor Show 2005 a concept car. The model should replace the currently derived from the Fiat 124 Lada - classical models, which are known in Western Europe as Lada Nova. For this project, AvtoVAZ has developed a new platform with front wheel drive and a two-liter gasoline engine. It should also diesel engines and automatic transmissions developed and produced. The future vehicle should be larger, more comfortable and decorated inside and outside higher quality than the classical models. In addition, it should be so sure that it would reach 13 out of 16 possible points of EuroNCAP. In addition to the sedan also not been presented combination and hatchback prototypes have been developed.

Lada had originally planned the project under President Vladimir Kadannikov in cooperation with GM- AvtoVAZ. A first series VAZ -2116 of 23 prototypes were built. At the exhibition Inter Auto - 2007 the prototype of a new series presented by 100 vehicles. This had a completely own interior (formerly the Lada Kalina ). After a realization with GM- AvtoVAZ was increasingly unlikely, they worked together in technology with Porsche, as with the models Lada and Lada Samara 110 also succeeded, the drag coefficient (Cd ) of 0.36, which in the prototype yet 0, amounted to 32, reducing to 0.33. This was made possible by a newly installed at AvtoVAZ wind tunnel in a Volga work.

Because of the global economic crisis, the development has been temporarily reduced, but could be finished with the help of the new partner Renault -Nissan in 2010. The pre-production began in 2011. Since 2011, the model is now produced as Lada Granta. A hatchback VAZ- 2118 is still to be realized, while the combination will probably no longer be produced because of the Lada Largus. Whether Lada diesel engines from Renault -Nissan takes or intends to use the in-house development, is not yet known. The self-developed automatic transmission but are now installed.