Oka (Russian Ока ) is a Russian car model that was sold under the trademarks Kama, Lada and SeAZ and later as an independent brand. In over 20 years the cheapest Russian cars were built more than 200,000 copies.

From 1987, the Oka was first produced at the Kamaz truck factory. As of 1991, called the car division ZMA. 1990, SeAZ went into the production of the Oka.

The Oka is 3.2 m long and weighs 645 kg empty. The load capacity is 340 kg. For driving a two -cylinder four- stroke in-line engine with 25.5 kW ensures (35 hp) from 750 cc.

Since 2003 Oka were exported to the United States.

2008, production was discontinued. Originally a successor model ( Lada Oka -2) was planned, and already developed, but this never went into series production.