Seoudi Group

The Seoudi Group is an association founded in 1975 automotive importer based in Cairo, Egypt. Over time, the company has developed itself to be an automotive manufacturer, which is claimed by Suzuki and Nissan.

Companies in the survey

Vehicle production

Modern engine S.A.E.

Modern Motors was the first joint venture of the manufacturer. Since 1975, the Nissan brand is produced under this name in Cairo vehicles. The maximum capacity is about 20,000 units per year. There products are built the Nissan Bluebird, Nissan Bluebird Sylphy, Nissan Livina, Nissan Livina C -Gear, Nissan Pickup, Nissan Pickup 4WD, Nissan Sunny and the Nissan X-Trail. BMW models BMW 318i, BMW 325i, BMW 520i, BMW 525i and BMW 530i were manufactured between 1997 and 1999 on the orders of the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.

The Modern Free Zone, a floor space of 15,000 m² for the shipment of certain automobiles, the company set up in Alexandria.

Nissan Bluebird نيسان بلوبيرد 1980-1983

Nissan Bluebird نيسان بلوبيرد 1983 to 1986

Nissan Bluebird نيسان بلوبيرد 1986-1992

Nissan Bluebird نيسان بلوبيرد 1992-2000

Nissan Pickup نيسان بيك أب 1992-1996

Nissan Pickup نيسان بيك أب 1996-2003

BMW 3 Series بي ام دبليو 3 سلسلة 1997-1999 318i 325i

BMW 5 Series بي ام دبليو 5 سلسلة 1997-1999 520i 525i 530i

Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Sylphy نيسان بلوبيرد 2000-2007

Nissan X-Trail نيسان اكس تريل since 2000

Nissan Pickup 4WD 4WD نيسان بيك أب since 2003

Nissan Livina Nissan Livina C -Gear نيسان ليفينا since 2006

Nissan Sunny نيسان صني since 2007

Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Sylphy نيسان بلوبيرد since 2007

Suzuki Egypt S.A.E.

The Suzuki Egypt S.A.E. is an established in March 1988 a joint venture with Suzuki. With an investment of 100 million LE built, the production has already taken 11 months later. The company's headquarters is located in 6th of October City. A second factory was built at Giza. Total employed on the 102,000 square meter operating in about 300 workers.

From Suzuki Egypt produced models of Maruti 800, Suzuki Microbus, Pickup Suzuki, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Van, Suzuki Vitara ( 1989-1999 ) / ( since 1999) and the Suzuki Vitara XL- seventh The company manufactured the Suzuki vehicles capacity currently amounts to approximately 1,000 units / year. Since 2002, Suzuki Egypt builds the combination Lada 2104 and the notchback sedan Lada 2107, Lada 2005 followed by 2110. Among the Lada vehicles are approximately 1,300 units / year manufactured. Are sold then. Alamal of the Group The Suzuki minivan eventually replaced the outdated 2008 Van.

Suzuki Microbus سوزوكي ميكروباص 1989-1992

Suzuki Pickup سوزوكي بيك أب 1989-2008

Suzuki Van فان سوزوكي 1992-2008

Suzuki Swift سوزوكي سويفت since 1989

Suzuki Vitara سوزوكي فيتارا 1989-1998

Suzuki Vitara سوزوكي فيتارا since 1998

Lada 2104 لادا 2104 since 2002

Lada 2107 لادا 2107 since 2002

Lada 2110 لادا 2110 since 2005

Suzuki Vitara XL-7 XL-7 سوزوكي فيتارا 2006-2009

Suzuki minivan سوزوكي مينى باص since 2008

Suzuki SX4 SX4 سوزوكي since 2008

Suzuki SX4 SUV SX4 SUV سوزوكي since 2010

Suzuki Celerio سوزوكى سيلاريو since 2010

Parts manufacturing

Misr El- Menofeya

The Misr Spinning & Weaving El- Menofeya Industries based in Menofeya are a company for the production of staple fibers of acrylic. This acrylic yarn, of which the company produces about 4,000 tons a year, is sold mainly to companies in the Middle East, Europe and some Asian countries. To use this fabric is mainly used in the manufacture of seat covers as well as some cars in the guise of the vehicle. The company employs approximately 1,100 employees and was founded in 1978 with an investment of 100 million LE. The main customer for the yarn is Suzuki.


El- Mashreq Company

The established in 1981 El- Mashreq Company is a vehicle importer for vehicles of the Italian brand Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Also, the company has been working for the import of food and commercial goods from countries of the Middle East. The company's headquarters is located in Cairo.

The imported cars are the importer of the Alfa Romeo 156 and the Fiat models Siena, Punto, Brava and Uno. These are introduced as CKD kits in the country and mounted in a separate workshop. Approximately 1,100 people are employed in this operation. In the vehicle identification number, the company uses for its vehicles the manufacturer code for DAA.

Fiat Croma Croma فيات 1986-1995

Fiat Punto فيات بونتو 1993-2004

Fiat Brava فيات برافا since 1995

Fiat Siena فيات سيينا since 1996

Alfa Romeo 156 الفا روميو 156 since 1997

Fiat Punto فيات بونتو since 2004

North Africa for Trading & Industry

The North Africa for Trading & Industry with headquarters in Cairo is responsible for the import and distribution of vehicles of South Korea's Kia Motors. In addition, the company is also active in the real estate market.

Mansoureya for Projects & Development

The Mansoureya for Projects & Development with headquarters in Giza is dedicated to the import of food from the countries of the Middle East and provides approximately 180 employees of several large companies.

Land Reclamation

Modern Contracting & Development

Established in 1984 is the Modern Contracting & Development, a company that specializes in the recovery of the country. Both the land reclamation in desert and steppe areas for agriculture and land reclamation in coastal areas is a specialization of the company. Furthermore, the company is busy with this task, but also in urban areas where this comes to bear especially in planned construction sites. The specialization is here but so far only in the planning of such projects.