Uri International Vehicle & Equipment Marketing

Uri -Automobile was an automobile manufacturer in Namibia and South Africa later.


The company dates back to a 1995 by farmer Ewert Smith in Witvlei, Namibia, founded, small workshop for the repair of trucks and passenger cars and motorcycles. His former goal was to develop a vehicle for the bushland and the first automotive brand to Africa.

The goal is to propose a robust vehicle, took eight years to complete. The second goal of becoming the first automotive brand to Africa, he had missed by just under 50 years. In contrast to all previous African brands are the Uri for at least the first-ever African -road vehicles. The vehicles are custom made and available with either a 76 or 95 horsepower Toyota engine.

After presentation of the Uri on an African car show Smith received overwhelming response. After a few months he built a second plant in South Africa. Just a few hours after the opening of the second plant as many orders were also recorded here that the following annual maximum capacity listed.

Inquiries from South and Central America, Australia and northern Africa have since been strictly refused.

In most cases, the Uri is sold as PickUp. It is perfectly designed for a quick and safe movement on sandy soil and dünenhaftem. Due to its robust construction and the cheap price it has also become a major competitor to the South African Toyota and Nissan SUV models.

Available Uri is both a diesel variant as well as a gasoline engine.

A change in the company's history occurred in 2007 and 2008. Ivema (Pty ) Ltd, a local supplier for auto parts from Pretoria and manufacturer of military vehicles, the car brand accepted and integrated them into his own company. The engines will continue from Toyota and the production was handmade. The brand name Uri was also obtained. The sale of the Uri vehicles has since been consistently limited to the South African market.


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