Advanced Automotive Design

Advanced Automotive Design is founded in 1995 by Brian Glover and Rhys Edwards automobile manufacturer with headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa.

With the presentation of the sports car Shaka Nynya at the South Florida International Auto Show in 1997, the manufacturer first drew attention to himself. With its design was at that time the only competitor of the Prowler Plymouth. At this time the Nynya was only a concept vehicle, which then went to order exclusively in production in 2000.

The made ​​of fiberglass -reinforced plastic bodywork of Shaka Nynya is built on a tubular frame. Available sports car was first with a 3.8- liter V6 engine that had an output of 153 kW. This came from the Buick Regal LS. The more powerful version, however, was driven by a General Motors LS V8 Types of Generation III. This had a displacement of 5.7 liters and an output of 300 kW. The top speed which was 220 km / h The current engine, however, is a 6- liter V8 engine from the Chevrolet Lumina Ute SS ( sister model of the Australian Holden VE Omega Ute SSV) with an output of 270 kW.

The naming of Shaka Nynya is derived from the name of the former Zulu King Shaka ka Senzangakhona who successfully defended his people at that time against the English invaders. Nynya other hand, is an expletive from the Zulu language for which there is no correct translation. A direct translation into the English language of the word stands for Prowler which means " drifter " or other negative sense even for a " release " is what does not agrees with the actual meaning in the original language. A word relationship, however, is with the nyanya, which translated means ancestor and thus represents an offspring.

The second model of the manufacturer since late 2000, a closed sports car bearing the name Shaka Giotto and the 1989 Nissan Fairlady Z looks very similar. The engines which are identical with those of the Nynya.

For international sales of vehicles the residents in Dania Beach, Florida businesses Glover Design is responsible. With some units of the Nynya the U.S. importer is also participating in the race.


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