Lhota ( alttschechisch and Slovak: Lehota derived from Lhůta - grace period ) is one of the most common place name in the Czech Republic.


It is the foundation of villages of the Slavic develop land in the 12th - 14th Century, which were exempt for a limited period from the payment of taxes and the compulsory labor ( see also " Újezd ​​" in the same areas ). The oldest mention was made in 1199 for the present village of Nový Jiří in East Bohemia, and Moravia for Panská Lhota. In Bohemia there are 322 settlements of this name, in Moravia 130 The distribution area extends over Lower Silesia and Upper Silesia to the north of Wroclaw in Poland. There, the name form Lgota was widespread. In Slovakia, the place name as Lehota is also common. Sometimes the place name in groups occurs. In the earlier districts Jilemnice and Pelhřimov they form one tenth of the place names.

In the German settlement areas, the name was Germanized in Welhotten, oil huts, Ellgoth or similar, in Silesia, today is the Polish form of the name Ligota common.

Since 1981, takes place annually the Sjezd Lhot a Lehot, together with the inhabitants of the towns so named from Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Select a town

  • Lhota Rapotina, commune in Okres Blansko
  • Lhota u Lysic, commune in Okres Blansko
  • Lhota u Olešnice, commune in Okres Blansko
  • Lhota pod Hořičkami, commune in Okres Náchod
  • Lhota pod Libčany, community Okres in Hradec Králové
  • Lhota u Kamennych Žehrovic, municipality in Kladno Okres
  • Lhota nad Labem, community Okres in Melnik
  • Lhota - Vlásenice, commune in Okres Pelhřimov
  • Lhota u Lipníka nad Bečvou municipality in Okres Přerov
  • Lhota u Příbramě, commune in Příbram
  • Lhota pod Radčem, commune in Okres Rokycany
  • Lhota u Vsetína, commune in Okres Vsetín
  • Lhota u Zlína, community Okres in Zlín
  • Dlouhá Lhota municipality in Okres Blansko
  • Lísek until 1951 Lhota, community Okres in Zdar nad Sázavou
  • Haškovcová Lhota to 1924 Lhota municipality in Tábor Okres
  • Added numerous districts and hamlets of this name Lhota, part of Lísek, Okres Zdar nad Sázavou
  • Lhota, part of Číměř, Okres Jindřichův Hradec; see Lhota ( Číměř )
  • Lhota, part of Valašské Meziříčí, Okres Vsetín; see Lhota ( Valašské Meziříčí )
  • Lhota pod Džbánem, part of Mutějovice, Okres Rakovník

Bearers of the name

  • Adalbert H. Lhota (* 1946), German motorist lobbyists