Lhota (Prague-East District)

Lhota is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located five kilometers north of Stara Boleslav and belongs to Okres Praha- východ.


Lhota is rechtselbisch creek in the Labe region on Hlavenský. The village is situated on the northern edge of the pine forest area " Spaleny les ". East of the village is the Lhota Lake. In the west, the railway from Lysa nad Labem runs after Melnik, the station Dřísy is one mile west of the village.

Neighboring towns are Dřísy in the north, Sudovo Hlavno and Kostelní Hlavno in the northeast, Hlavenec in the east, in the southeast of Stara Boleslav, Borek in the south, Krenek in the southwest, and Rudec Kostelec nad Labem in the west and Ovčáry in the northwest.


The founding of the village on the edge of the forest Brandejser was in 1332 by the Lords of Michalowitz. Lhota was attached to the court Skorkov and belonged until 1848 to rule always Brandejs. In the Thirty Years' War, the village was without form, and was then resettled. Gepfarrt was Lhota since its inception, according to Stara Boleslav. The inhabitants lived from agriculture, which was quite profitable because of the fertile soils.

After the abolition of patrimonial Lhota made ​​from 1850 onwards a municipality in the district of Karlin and from 1906 in the district of Brandys nad Labem. 1873 was created after the construction of the Austrian Northwestern Railway in the fields west of the village the station Dřísy. This allowed the agricultural products, particularly onions and cucumbers, are placed in the North Bohemian industrial areas. In 1911, the road was built to Stara Boleslav. In the 1920s, opened in Lhota a hotel with 40 beds, which became the cultural center of the village and offered in his hall theater events. Between 1927 and 1939, the village experienced strong growth and 35 single-family originated. In 1959, the hotel was converted into a nursing home.

From 1961 Lhota belonged to Okres Melnik and since 2007 okres Praha- východ. Between 1965 and 1983, east of the village of extraction of gravel sand. Since the setting of the degradation of the quarry is a popular beach destination that is visited on hot days by over 10,000 bathers. In 1987 took place in Lhota nad Labem the 7th Lhota / Lehota meeting place, which was attended by delegations from 88 Czechoslovakian villages. After the restitution in 1993 reopening of the hotel followed.

Community structure

For the community Lhota no districts are reported. The Katastralbezeichnung is Lhota u DCIS.


  • Lhota Lake, the 25 -acre and 14 m deep quarry arose from a 1965 for the construction of the motorway A1 -scale sand pit, which was operated until 1983. After her came flooding on Lake Lhota 's first public nude beach Czechoslovakia. The lake is a popular seaside destination of nudists from 20 kilometers away in Prague. North of the lake, a parking lot was built with a capacity of 1400 cars
  • Baroque farmstead Lhota No. 1 with gate entry
  • Bell tower from 1915