Borek (Prague-East District)

Borek is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located four kilometers north of Stara Boleslav and belongs to Okres Praha- východ.


Borek is located on the right side of the Elbe on a dropped meander. South of the village runs the trench Borecký svod behind which connect the pond landscape of a reclaimed sand pit, a golf course and a sports airfield. To the southeast lies the barracks of Stara Boleslav. To the east, the forest area of ​​the Spaleny les expands through which the railway from Lysa nad Labem leads to Melnik.

Neighboring towns are Dřísy and Lhota in the north, Hlavenec in the northeast, and Skorkov Podbrahy in the east, in the southeast of Stara Boleslav, Spořilov Brandys nad Labem and in the south, MARTINOV the southwest, Záryby in the west and Krenek in the northwest.


The first written mention of the village belonging to Altbunzlauer Chapter Oujezd took place in 1339. The last mention of this extinct in the Thirty Years' War, the village dates from 1622.

Borek was founded in 1777 during the Teresian land reforms ( Raabisation ) as Emphyteuse after Raab 's system in the corridors of the deserted village Oujezd. Consisting of twelve wooden Chaluppen settlement was in 1785 connected to Krenek. On September 18, 1871, the village burned to the ground.

After the abolition of patrimonial Maly Borek formed in 1850 a municipality in the district of Karlin and from 1906 in the district of Brandys nad Labem. From 1961 Borek belonged to Okres Melnik and since 2007 okres Praha- východ.

Community structure

For the community Borek no districts are reported.