Liberty Records

Liberty Records was an American record company that existed, with interruptions 1955-1995. In her Nocturne Records went on.

Liberty Records was founded in 1955 by 40 -year-old Simon Waronker in Hollywood, having previously worked for 20th Century Fox as a highly paid film composer. His previous Century-Fox - mate Lionel Newman was also the first artist to Liberty released on a single. This record was released under catalog number 55001 and made ​​the beginning of the so-called 55000er series of single releases, which was postponed until 1967. The 56000er Series followed directly afterwards and ran in 1970 with the number 56218 from ( Sugarloaf: Tongue In Cheek / Woman ). First Star at Liberty was the Californian singer Julie London, Liberty first brought entitled Cry Me A River in ninth place in the U.S. charts in the first year companies. The first number one hit Davis had with Seville Witch Doctor on April 28, 1958. Overall, Liberty brought out six number - one hits, the last 1965 This Diamond Ring Gary Lewis & the Playboys with. He was the most successful artist in Liberty, next to his number one hit, he could still place with six other titles in the top 10. Between 1959 and 1970, Bobby Vee published at Liberty 44 singles and there is thus the most laid singer. In the 56000er series Liberty also released recordings in the United States with European artists such as Gilbert Becaud (F), Kiki Dee (GB ), Katja Ebstein (D) and Suzanne Doucet (D).


Also 1955 Liberty began with the publication of long-playing records (LP). For her first 3000 catalog numbers were assigned. In July 1955, the LP Mucho Cha Cha Cha came up with the Don Swan Orchestra out under the number 3001. It was, according to the origin of the Liberty - founder to an instrumental panel. The end of 1955, the first vocal album was released under No. 3006 with Julie London Julie Is Her under the title name, she reached under the LP charts for the 2nd place. In May 1959 reached Exotica by Martin Denny for the first time a Liberty - LP 1st place mid-1958 Liberty launched its 7000 series, which was reserved exclusively stereo plates, among which were also new editions of earlier mono plates. The last mono LP was released in 1968 with Gary Lewis & Playboys entitled Gary Lewis Now! under catalog no. 3568th At that time, Liberty had begun to publish parallel to the mono outputs and stereo versions, which received the 3000 number instead of a 7000 number ( 3539 = 7539 ).

1960 Liberty launched its premier series with the catalog numbers of the series 13000 Mono for us 14000 for stereo. The record company applied this series with references to particularly high technical quality and well-designed production with specially selected artist. In the LP charts but these boards have received little attention, only 50 Guitars Go South Of The Border with Tommy Garrett was also placed with rank 36 among the top 40. Other types of music published under the Liberty Series 6000 for jazz, classical and 15000 16000 for soundtracks.

Change of ownership

In 1963, at Liberty, now based in Los Angeles, the successes stagnated and company owner Waronker seriously ill, led Liberty's vice president Al Bennett a sale to Avnet Electronics Company, which took over Liberty for 12 million dollars. Even under Avnet generated Liberty no success but was in the red. Then Avnet made ​​the sale canceled, leaving Bennett the record company, together with the sub-labels, Imperial, Dolton, Aladdin and Minit eight million dollars. 1966 called Liberty with the label Sunset another subcontractor to life. Two years later, Liberty was sold for $ 38 million to the insurance company, Transamerica Corporation, the angliederte the label of the information already in its possession record company United Artists. Under its new ownership Liberty experienced a rapid decline. All Bennett was dismissed, the former Liberty stars like Bobby Vee, Gary Lewis and Jan and Dean were neglected, the sublabels Dolton, Imperial and Minit were liquidated. The newly- engaged artists such as Canned Heat, Ike and Tina Turner and Bobby Womack had only moderate success. After Tongue In Cheek 56218 Sugarloafs / Woman (No. 56218 ), no new plates under the label of Liberty were published, all artists were taken over by United Artists. In February 1979, the British record company EMI acquired United Artists along with all Liberty Masters and let the label name Liberty revived for some time. From 1980 to 1984 EMI used the name Liberty for his country, ao with Kenny Rogers and Dottie West. In 1992, EMI in Nashville a new Subfirma for which they re-used the name Liberty. In 1995, the label Liberty was closed.

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Liberty in Germany

Until 1961 Liberty recordings from the British record company, London / Decca were sold in Germany. From 1962 Liberty climbed even in the German market and has published numerous productions under 22000er and 23000er catalog numbers. Among them were the most titles from the U.S. top 10. In many cases, differed from A- and B-side of the U.S. originals. During the year 1967 new catalog numbers were introduced and first placed on plates with German titles on the market with 15000er series. One of the first German-language productions, the single by Vic Dana belonged all the words / Just say goodbye (No. 23479 ). Then appeared singles with Suzanne Doucet, and 1969 Katja Ebstein was signed. They were the only German title that could be placed in the German Top 50. After 1970 Liberty had ceased its activities in the U.S. market, the label also disappeared in Germany.

Liberty in the German Top 50