Lisburn ( Lios na irish gCearrbhach ) is the third largest city in Northern Ireland to Belfast and Derry and is located on the Lagan.

The city lies partly in County Antrim and partly in County Down, about 20 km south of Belfast, and has about 72,000 inhabitants. In 2002, the town was raised to the City after previously introduced the name Town. It is the administrative seat of the district of the same name.

Lisburn is known for his leash museum that tells the story of importance to Northern Ireland linen industry shows: Irish Linen Centre, The Iceland, in the center of Lisburn, newly built in 2001.

There is a major hospital, the Lagan Valley Hospital.

The headquarters of the British troops in Northern Ireland is located in the barracks Thiepval Barracks. Also, the headquarters of the police barracks for the region located in Belfast Lisburn.


In Hillsborough district negotiations between Benjamin Franklin and Lord Hillsborough took place in the American Revolutionary War.


From Lisburn is the six-time champion of the IFA Premiership and 12 -time Irish Cup winner Lisburn Distillery. The stadium of the club, the New Grosvenor Stadium is in a small suburb of the city.


  • David Crystal, a linguist and author
  • Kristian Nairn ( born 1975 ), actor
  • Damien Johnson, football player
  • Richard Wallace, politician and patron