Louis Silvers

Louis Silvers ( born September 6, 1889 in New York City, New York, † March 26, 1954 in Hollywood, California ) was an American composer of film music, the Oscar for the best film music received at the Academy Awards 1935.


Silvers, who was temporarily married to actress Janet Adair, was already involved as a composer of the song " Mother of Mine, I Still Have You " and conductor of the orchestra at the first sound film The Jazz Singer (1927 ). Throughout his career in the film industry in Hollywood, he was involved in nearly 300 films and several years musical director of the Lux Radio Theater.

At the Academy Awards in 1935 he was awarded, together with Victor Schertzinger and Gus Kahn for the Studio Music Department of Columbia Pictures Academy Award for Best Film Music in One Night of Love ( 1934). This was followed by three more Oscar nominations in the category of best music and indeed in 1938 to the Studio Music Department by 20th Century Fox for In Old Chicago (1937 ), 1939 for Suez (1938 ) and most recently at the Academy Awards in 1940 for Swanee River (1939 ).

From him came, among others, also the music for the films Weary River ( 1929), Disraeli (1929 ), It Happened One Night (1934 ), Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936 ), Heidi (1937) and A Little Princess ( 1939). He worked throughout his career with film directors such as Frank Lloyd, Henry King, Allan Dwan, Frank Capra, Alfred E. Green, Victor Schertzinger, Sidney Lanfield and Walter Lang.

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