Louise Ritter

Louise Ritter ( Dorothy Louise Ritter, born February 18, 1958 in Dallas, Texas ) is a retired American high jumper.

Louise Ritter was from 1979 to 1989 one of the best high jumpers. She was nominated for the 1980 Olympics, but was unable to attend due to the Olympic boycott.

At the first World Athletics Championships 1983 in Helsinki Knight was skipped 1.95 meters Third behind Tamara Bykova from the Soviet Union and the German Ulrike Meyfarth.

At the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, she finished only eighth place with 1.91 meters. At the World Championships 1987, the Bulgarian Stefka Kostadinowa won with in 2006 still existing world record of 2.09 meters. Louise Ritter was 1.93 meters eighth.

The Bulgarian was the clear favorite for the Olympic Games 1988. Ritter had set up in July 1988 with 2.03 a new U.S. record and was considered a medal candidate. In the final on September 30 Kostadinowa and knights jumped to 2.01 meters without mistrial and were thus adopted as the First and Second. Both failed three times at the height of 2.03 and now a jump on the Olympic victory had to decide. First Kostadinowa failed in the fourth attempt at 2.03 meters, then jumped Louise Ritter and crossed the bar. Louise Ritter had become with their U.S. record setting Olympic champion.

In 1989, Louise Knight back from competitive sports. She is now employed as a trainer. Your national record in 2006 still stock.

Louise Knight is 1,78 m tall and weighed about 60 kg competition times.