Luc Ferrari

Luc Ferrari ( born February 5, 1929 in Paris, † August 22, 2005 in Arezzo ) was a French composer, sound artist and radio playwrights. Ferrari is considered a representative of musique concrète and was known primarily for his experiments with tape music.


Ferrari studied from 1946, first at the Conservatoire de Versailles, from 1948 until TB disease in 1950 at the École Normale de Musique in Paris with Alfred Cortot (piano) and Arthur Honegger (composition). In the spring of 1953 he visited in New York Edgar Varèse, whose composition Deserts had impressed him on the radio. The following winter he attended music analysis courses with Olivier Messiaen. From 1954 to 1958 he participated in the International Summer Courses in Darmstadt, where he met Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luigi Nono, Bruno Maderna, Henri Pousseur and John Cage.

In 1958 he founded with Pierre Schaeffer and François -Bernard Mâche the Groupe de recherches musicales ( GRM). Different artistic conceptions, however, led in 1966 to separate: While Schaeffer called an abstract and typifying sound work, Ferrari moved recognizable environmental sounds in his music ( musique anecdotique ).

1964/65 and 1970 he taught at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, from 1966 to 1967 in Stockholm and from 1978 to 1980 at the Conservatoire de Pantin. In between, he served from 1968 to 1969 as the musical director of the Maison de la Culture in Amiens, where he wanted to encourage young people to musical work with tape recorders.

For the Service de la Recherche of the ORTF Luc Ferrari 1965-66 with Gérard Patris realized a series of portrait films Les grand Répétitions ( The large samples) on the composer Messiaen, Stockhausen and Varèse, and the conductor Hermann Scherchen and the jazz pianist Cecil Taylor. Many of these names in contemporary music were seen here for the first time in French television.

In 1972 he founded his own studio cheap and 1982 with the support of the French Ministry of Culture, the studio of the association La Muse en Circuit, from which he left in 1994. In the same year he set up in Montreuil -sous -Bois, a new studio studio post- cheap one, he then moved to Paris.

Luc Ferrari was married to Brunhild Meyer, a daughter of working in Aachen clarinetist and composer Wolfgang Meyer- Tormin.


In the 1950s, Ferrari wrote first piano pieces in imitation of Bartok and Hindemith. At the same time he began to attend a concert of musique concrète. After joining the Groupe de recherches musicales Ferrari initially produced five electro-acoustic compositions within the meaning of Schaeffer's sound aesthetic to abstract the underlying recorded sounds as much as possible from their original context. With Heterozygous (1963 /64), a composition that was initially designed for four-channel tape, but ultimately worked out in stereo and was realized, Ferrari broke away from Schaeffer's concept of musique concrète and put out his own musique anecdotique, in the sounds of nature in a " organized and poetic, but not oriented to an action manner " are structured. The compositional work of these soundscapes remains oriented to musical principles and thus clearly separated from radio play.

Among the best known works Ferraris composition Presque rien no part. 1 " Le Lever du jour au bord de la mer " (1967 /70), were edited together in the footage of a Yugoslav beach that were made over the course of a day, a 21 minutes short radio play. He first used the then new stereo technique that does not just a " right-left " of sounds allowed him, but also a sense of depth. In his third Presque rien rien avec filles Presque composition (1989 ) he came to a balance between his musique anecdotique and the more thinking in traditional form gradients musique concrète.

In addition to his tape compositions Ferrari also composed for conventional instruments and mixed the genre with each other ( for example, " Ce qu'a vu le cerium "). There were increasing concert tours and collaborations with younger musicians such as Otomo Yoshihide and Noël Akchoté, whereby the border to free improvised music has been exceeded.

Discography from 1990

  • Acousmatrix
  • Scary Beautiful
  • L' Escalier of aveugles
  • Presque Rien
  • Piano Piano
  • Cellule 75
  • Interrupteur / Tautologos III
  • Chansons pour le corps - Et si tout maintenant entière
  • Danses Organiques cinéma pour l' oreille
  • Far - West News
  • Cycle of souvenirs - Exploitation of the Concepts N ° 2
  • Tautologos and other early electronic works
  • Impro -Micro - Acoustique (2001)
  • Collection
  • Les Anecdotiques
  • Archives sauvées des Eaux
  • Son memorize
  • Far - West News Episodes 2 and 3
  • Et les sons tournent
  • Les ProtoRythmiques
  • Didascalies
  • Sonopsys
  • OHM: Early Gurus of Electronic Music / 1943 - 1980
  • In Asia - Trio d' Argent
  • In An anthology of noise & electronic music / vol. # 2
  • In Early modulation: Vintage Volts
  • In Archives GRM - CD 2/5
  • Chantal or Portrait of a villager ( 1977-78 )
  • Archives Génétiquement Modifiées (2000) - SM
  • Société II ( 1967)
  • A la Recherche du Rythme Perdu
  • Madame de Shanghai (1996 )
  • Archives sauvées des Eaux - Luc Ferrari with Otomo Yoshihide.
  • Labyrinthe de Violence
  • Sexolidad ( 1982-83 )
  • Dialogue Ordinaire avec la Machine (1984 )
  • Collection box INA - GRM (2009)
  • Madame de Shanghai (1996 )
  • Didascalies 2 or Trois Personnages en de Quête Notes (2005)
  • Tranquilles Impatiences - (calm impatience ) (2010 )
  • Ephemere I & II ( 1974)
  • Exercices d' Improvisation ( 1977)
  • Or probably this is my everyday life, in the confusion of the places and moments


  • Luc Ferrari face à sa tautology - 2 jours avant la fin

French version with English subtitles. Recorded during the trial of Tautologos III. " which should be 2005 Luc's last this July beginning" Sub Rosa SR261 luc ferrari " didascalies " / cd dvd / may 2007 This collection box was " le coup de Coeur Charles Cros - musique contemporaine printemps 2008" and " le grand prix du festival ' filmmakers à tout prix ' ", in Brussels in 2008

  • Presque rien avec Luc Ferrari - 2004 -
  • VMR - Vladimir Maäovski Remix (2007)
  • Les Archives des Eaux sauvées

Disc callithump CPCD -001

Released as CD DVD

  • Didascalies


  • Luc Ferrari face à sa tautology - 2 jours avant la fin

This collection box was awarded the " Coup de Coeur Charles Cros - musique contemporaine printemps 2008» and 2008 the Grand Prix of the festival " Filmer à tout prix", in Brussels

  • Presque rien avec Luc Ferrari
  • Les Archives des Eaux sauvées

Book appearances

  • Presque rien avec Luc Ferrari
  • Sonopsys N ° 4 Luc ferrarii
  • Luc Ferrari Portraits polychrome