Magnum XL-200

Magnum XL -200 at Cedar Point ( Sandusky, Ohio, USA) is a steel roller coaster model from the manufacturer Arrow Dynamics hyper coaster, which opened on May 6, 1989.

The designed by Ron Toomer train was at the time of its opening with a height of 205 feet ( 63 m ) maximum and 116 km / h, fastest roller coaster in the world. She was thus the first roller coaster in the world that exceeded the 200 -foot mark.


After 63 m high lift hill is an L-shaped out-and -back layout follows, which is equipped with many hills that provide airtime. Also located on the 1556 m long track three tunnels.

Magnum XL -200 has three trains with six cars. In each carriage six people ( three rows of two people) take place. Passengers must be at least 1.22 m tall to ride must.