Medley swimming

In Medley, the four swimming styles are

  • Butterfly (English Butterfly, formerly German Dolphin )
  • Breast
  • Freestyle

Swam for one quarter of the total distance. In the freestyle portion of each style may be used in addition to the other three, but in practice is scratched.

In the individual competition, the Olympic Swimming Medley over 200 m and 400 m is discharged on the short course (25 m), there is also the 100-m layers.

In the medley relay swimmers and complete one of the four swimming styles. The order is changed so that the relay swimmers not hinder: Backstroke, breast, butterfly and freestyle. They swim every 100 m. On the short course, there are the 4 × 50 m medley relay.

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(Updated: July 29, 2012)