Mezen River


River system of the mesas

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The 966 km long mesas (Russian Мезень, fem; German also the mesas ) is a current in the north of the European part of Russia.


The mesas rises in the swamps on the western flank of the Timanrückens, about 370 m altitude. First, it flows on the territory of the Republic of Komi in a narrow valley with steep and rocky shores in the south-west directions turns then in a northwesterly direction and reaches the Arkhangelsk Oblast. In the middle reaches of the river meanders in wide arcs and has a large number of rapids which impede the navigation. Also, the underflow from the confluence of the Waschka is rich in shoals. Up to 64 kilometers above the confluence with the Mesenbusen of the White Sea, the influence of tidal ranges.

The main tributaries of the mesas are right Mesenskaja Pischma ( Мезенская Пижма ), Sula ( Сула ) and Pjosa ( Пёза ), left the Waschka ( Вашка ).


The catchment area of the mesas comprises 78,000 km ². In estuaries near the average discharge is 886 m³ / s ( minimum in March, peak in May 9530 m³ / s). In the lower reaches, near the town of Messines about 30 km above the mouth, the river is 1300 meters wide and deep to 3 feet, the flow velocity is 0.5 m / s At the mouth but its width reaches nearly 4 km, the depth of only 1.2 meters.

The mesas freezes in early October to mid-November and thaws in April again. She's always up to the confluence of the Waschka (200 km above the mouth ), at high water level to the landing Makar - Ib (680 mi) navigable.


In the middle reaches of the mesas west is reached Koslan from a branching at Mikun of the Pechora railway branch line. Here also the only road bridge crosses the river ( ⊙ 63.44166666666748.738888888889 ).