Michael Waltrip Racing

Michael Waltrip Racing is a motor racing team, which is active in several racing leagues in the U.S. NASCAR. It is headed by two-time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip. The team in the NASCAR Sprint Cup race number 00, driven by David Reutimann and the number 56, driven by Martin Truex Jr. a. In the NASCAR Nationwide Series, the team sets the start number 99, which will be driven by Trevor Bayne. Michael Waltrip is also co-owner of the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team, his brother Darrell. All cars of Michael Waltrip Racing are Toyotas.

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Sprint Cup

Car # 00 / # 98

The first Winston Cup race by Michael Waltrip Racing was the Aaron's 499 in 2002, in which Michael Waltrip a Chevrolet Monte Carlo with the start number 98 began, which was driven by Kenny Wallace. Wallace started at number 27 and reached number 21 to the finish. After the race, Waltrip sold the number 98 and its Owner Points at Innovative Motorsports. In the next race, ran as car owners in the Waltrip, the Tropicana 400, he used a car with starting number 00, driven by Jerry Nadeau. Michael Waltrip Racing also tried to qualify for the NAPA 500 ​​with Buckshot Jones as a driver, but failed. The team participated in the 2003 season at the EA Sports 500, where you again Buckshot Jones began, and at the Ford 400 in part, in which Mike Skinner took over the wheel of car number 00. However, he was involved in an accident and finished the race in 39th place.

In 2004, Kenny Wallace returned to Michael Waltrip Racing. He drove four races. His best finish was a 22nd place in the season finale, the Ford 400 at Homestead -Miami Speedway. In the 2005 season, Wallace was active again for Michael Waltrip Racing and drove the Daytona 500 and the Dodge Charger 500 at Darlington Raceway. Johnny Benson also drove in two races of the 2005 season in the # 0 But he had to struggle with technical problems, so his best result was a 42nd place in the GFS Marketplace 400. The UAW -GM Quality 500, which took place at Lowe 's Motor Speedway, David Reutimann was added, the, good performance has been shown in the Craftsman Truck Series in the team of Michael Waltrips brother, Darrell, a chance. He started at Rank 26 and finished the race in 22nd place on the lead lap, which was the best result of the season for Michael Waltrip Racing.

In the NASCAR Nextel Cup season 2006 there was the start number 00 twice. Firstly, Mike and Bonnie Anderson put in a team, which they called MBA Racing, the start number 00 and used for other Michael Waltrip Racing continues the start number 00, which was driven in the 2006 season by Bill Elliott, who played five races. His best result was going 22nd place in the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In October 2006, Michael Waltrip announced that David Reutimann will drive in the 2007 season, the full race calendar of the NASCAR Nextel Cup race number 00. The interesting thing is that the start number 00, the number of years of Buzzie Reutimann, the father of David Reutimann was. The 2007 season was, however, unfortunate for Reutimann. A couple of times he had chances for a top 10 finish, but then fell out with technical problems. At the California Speedway in Fontana, California, he had a serious accident shortly before the end of the race. The analysis showed that it was one of the hardest strikes since the beginning of the measurements. However, he remained unharmed, but said still testing the following week off. Reutimanns best finishing position was 13th in the Chevy Rock & Roll 400 on September 8, 2007 at the Richmond International Raceway, the. Hitherto best finish of the race number 00 of Michael Waltrip Racing He finished the season ranked 39, the driver standings.

In the 2008 season, Reutimann drove the start number 00 for the first five races of the season and brought the car safely in the top 35 of the Owner Points before he had to deliver him to the rookie Michael McDowell. Reutimann then took over the starting number 44 of the resigned Cup Champions Dale Jarrett. McDowell was not convincing in his Sprint Cup appearances and left the team still in the running season. In the 2009 season, Reutimann returned to the starting number 00 and won with some good races and a total of ten top - 10 finishes.

Car # 44

The car with the start number 44 is Michael Waltrip Racing for the first time in the NASCAR Nextel Cup season 2007. Driver of the car for the entire season is Dale Jarrett, who joined Robert Yates Racing to the team of Michael Waltrip, while his sponsor UPS brought. Despite "Past Champions Provisional ", a rule that former Cup champions allowed to take part in six races in which it otherwise would not have been enough for the qualification, Jarrett did not make the car inside the top - 35 of the Owner Points to keep. His best finish was 22nd in the first race of the season, the Daytona 500

In October 2007 he was in the course of a Nextel Cup race in Concord, North Carolina announced that he will resign in 2008. In the 2008 season he will only have to drive seven races. Five-point races, as well as the Budweiser Shootout and the NASCAR Sprint All- Star Race, which will be the last race of his career. David Reutimann, which is still the starting number was driving in the 2007 season 00, will take over the starting number 44.

On March 16, 2008 Dale Jarrett denied then at the Bristol Motor Speedway his last point race. He finished it on the 37th. David Reutimann, who took over the car then came in the Coca- Cola 600 at Lowe 's Motor Speedway in tenth place finish. This was the first top- 10 ranking of the # 44 Michael Waltrip Racing. During the year, followed by three more. At the end Reutimann moved back into the starting number 00, the start number 44 has since no longer used by Michael Waltrip Racing.

Car # 55 / # 56

The car with the start number 55 was first used in the Nextel Cup season 2006. This was done in partnership working between Bill Davis Racing and Michael Waltrip Racing. The partnership between the two team gave Bill Davis Racing the opportunity to reinstate a second team in the full race calendar, while Michael Waltrip the car which was sponsored by NAPA drove. The partnership agreement also allowed to transfer the owner points at the end of the season on the team of Michael Waltrip, who wanted to use the number 55 in the 2007 season. As Jasper Motorsports was closed, Michael Waltrip earned their owner points, which gave him a safe starting place in the first five races of the 2006 season. Doug Bawel who owned Jasper Motorsports, was the season was more difficult for these races co-owner of the # 55 by Bill Davis Racing got no Markenunterstüzung because they were in a dispute with Daimler- Chrysler.

In the 2007 season, the car was the # 55 then as expected from Michael Waltrip Racing used. However, the season did not go according to Waltrips ideas. After the "Pole qualifying " for the Daytona 500 an illegal substance was found in Waltrips tank. He lost 100 points in the owner points and the championship. Only on 4 June he qualified for a race again. A little later, on 17 June, he came in the Citizens Bank 400 at Michigan International Speedway in tenth place finish. That was the first top- 10 ranking of his race teams in Nextel Cup. Even the Bank of America 500 at Lowe 's Motor Speedway, he reached the tenth place again. In the two road course races and the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard Terry Labonte took the wheel of the number 55, but did not come here on the 30th square. Waltrip finished the season in 44th place overall.

In the 2008 season, Waltrip ran a little better already. He secured a place in the top 35 of the Owner Points and could thus participate in all races of the season so far. The Lenox Industrial Tools 301 on June 29, he finished in second place after it was stopped early due to rain. After his performances in the 2009 season is not significantly improved, to Waltrip retired as a full-time driver in order to focus on the role as a team owner. Martin Truex Jr. took over the car, which henceforth bears the number 56.

Nationwide Series

In the NASCAR Busch Series Waltrip began already in 1996 an own car. It was a Ford Thunderbird with the # 12 Waltrip drove this car himself and came in 13 races three times in the top 10. On the Richmond International Raceway, he started from pole position, however, different from. The following year his Busch Series car had start number 21 and was sponsored by Band-Aid. He stood again at Richmond International Raceway on pole position, but only came 28 to the finish. He learned five top - 10 finishes.

In the Busch Series season in 1998 he wrote a second car, which was the start number 14 and was driven by Patty Moise. Moise for ten races. The best result was a tenth place at the Bristol Motor Speedway. The following year he won the " All Pro Bumper to Bumper 300 " at Lowe 's Motor Speedway for the first time a race as a team owner and driver. 2000 Waltrip changed the number again, so that he took part with the number 7, which he drove in the same year in the Winston Cup. The car was sponsored further by Band-Aid. Added to this was Aaron 's, who sponsored the car for three races that drove these races with starting number 99. As of the 2001 season, Aaron became the main sponsor and Waltrip only drove in the Busch Series in the # 99 in the 2001 season, he came with the twelve events three times in the top 10. In 2002 he won at Michigan International Speedway and thus took the first victory with the start number 99 more victories followed at the Bristol Motor Speedway in 2003 and the Nashville Super Speedway, where he won the Pepsi 300 in 2004. In 2006 he worked with Fitz Motorsports together and took over the Owner Points race number 40 He drove a large part of the race, but came only three top - 10 finishes.

In the 2007 season, David Reutimann took over the starting number 99 in the Busch Series. Reutimann was repeatedly performed well. He finished five races in the top five and twelve races in the top 10. His best result was a victory in the Sam 's Town 250 at the Memphis Motorsports Park near the city of Memphis. In the 2008 season, Reutimann was active with start number 99 in the series. The following year, Trevor Bayne took over the car.

Craftsman Truck Series

After the end of the 2006 season, Michael Waltrip was part owner of the Craftsman Truck Series team with the start number 00, which belonged to his brother Darrell. The team ran the full race calendar of the 2007 season. Drivers were AJ Allmendinger and Josh Wise.


Waltrip - Jasper Racing

On 20 January 2006 Waltrip was a collaboration with Doug Bawel, president of Jasper, known. The number 55 was then used by Waltrip - Jasper Racing in the team of Bill Davis. The fact that Waltrip took over the Owner Points of closed Jasper Motorsports, he had a safe starting place for the first five races of the 2006 season.

Waltrip Racing PPI

On February 10, 2007 Michael Waltrip Racing officially announced with PPI to want to cooperate Motorsports. It was Waltrip Racing PPI. By partnering Cal Wells is one of the owners of the starting number 00, which will be driven by David Reutimann. The partnership agreement also includes the acquisition of all equipment and personnel of the former PPI Motorsports racing team. In addition, the Owner Points starting number, 32 were transferred to the race number 00 of Michael Waltrip Racing.

Race World USA

Race World USA is the headquarters of Michael Waltrip Racing. It is located in Cornelius, North Carolina and is open daily for visitors. Waltrip calls it a landmark. One can observe the work on the cars, meet learns everything about the team and its drivers, and possibly even one of the drivers.