Mihama (Fukui)

Mihama (Japanese美 浜 町, -chō, literally: beautiful beach ) is a municipality in the district Mikata in Fukui Prefecture in Japan.

It is located about 270 kilometers west of Tokyo in the valley by the river Senjōchi Mimi.

Besides rice and persimmons or kaki are grown. Near the city of lakes Mikatago, Kugushi and Hiruga lie.

In the near Mihama, in NYU, is the nuclear power plant in Mihama. Here, it came on August 9, 2004 an incident with at least four deaths.


Mihama lies south of Fukui and north of Kyoto at the Wakasa bay.


  • Street: National Road 27

Adjacent Cities and Towns

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  • Wakasa
  • Takashima

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