MiKTeX is a TeX distribution for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The supplementary MiKTeX tools have also been ported to GNU / Linux.

With an installer the necessary TeX packages (eg the MiKTeX CD) loaded ( for example, LaTeX or ConTeXt ) from the internet ( CTAN server) or from a local package repository and then installed on the computer. An update of the packages is possible, also be needed, not yet loaded and installed existing packages if required.

For some time, a 64- bit version is also available.

Memory Requirements

For a complete installation of version 2.9 about 1.3 GB must be loaded from the Internet and 2.4 GB to be installed on the hard disk. In addition to the normal installation routine, there is also a " Basic MiKTeX " installer, with which it is possible to install a TeX minimal system. Add the file to install the necessary files are already included that would otherwise be loaded from the Internet. The installation file is about 150 MB in size.

Custom editors

Most programs of the distribution are as command line versions, when writing the LaTeX source code, a text editor is necessary. There are several editors that are adapted for use with MiKTeX and provide an IDE -like front end. These include the for MiKTeX designed and often parallel used TeXnicCenter (GPL ), the cross-platform editor Texmaker (GPL ), the public-domain Editor WinShell, the shareware program WinEdt, the free development environment LEd (LaTeX Editor ), the editor Kile (GPL ) the KDE project and the LaTeX frontend LyX. In newer distributions is the editor TeXworks, which is modeled after developed for Mac TeXShop integrated. However, there is also the editor emacs or XEmacs a particular LaTeX environment, it is called AUCTeX and, together with the package RefTeX a comfortable working environment, in particular for larger works ( theses, books) that are distributed across multiple subdocuments; Unix provides XEmacs with X - symbol a WYSIWYG -like view. Furthermore, there's a plugin called TeXlipse for the Eclipse development environment, so even with this program, the creation of LaTeX documents is possible.