Mojave 3

Mojave 3 are a British band that emerged in 1995 from the shoegazing band Slowdive, after it was dropped by her record label Creation Records.

The group consists of Neil Halstead (vocals, guitar), Rachel Goswell (bass, vocals), Ian McCutcheon (drums ), Simon Rowe (guitar) and Alan Forrester ( piano, keyboards ). Musically, the band has moved away from the atmospheric guitar Carpet of shoegazing period and approached the folk, possible comparisons were about Mazzy Star, Neil Young and Nick Drake.


  • Ask Me Tomorrow ( 1995, 4AD )
  • Out of Tune ( 1998 4AD )
  • Excuses for Travellers (2000, 4AD )
  • Spoon and Rafter (2003, 4AD )
  • Puzzles Like You (2006, 4AD )

Published in 2002, Neil Halstead, showing also responsible for almost the entire song material of Mojave 3, the solo album Sleeping on Roads. Rachel Goswell 2004 also brought out a solo album, entitled Waves Are Universal.