Neil Halstead

Neil Halstead ( born October 7, 1970 in Reading, England ) is a British guitarist and singer.


Halstead was a founding member of the band Slowdive, which existed until 1995 and the style shoegaze group is counted. Some members of Slowdive then Mojave 3 founded this group, and the most important singer and guitarist Halstead, is counted to the British folk pop.

In the years since 2002 Halstead has published three of his own CDs. With this material, it also occurs internationally as a soloist. 2013 was the album Stars Are Our ​​Home, which he recorded with Mark Van Hoen published.

Halstead lives and works in Newquay, Cornwall.


  • 2002: Sleeping on Roads, 4AD
  • 2008: Oh! Mighty Engine, Brushfire
  • 2012: Palindrome Hunches, Brushfire