Moreno (Buenos Aires)

Moreno is the capital of the Partido Moreno in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It lies about 30 km west of Buenos Aires. The city is part of the Province of Buenos Aires. It borders Paso del Rey in the east, and Trujui Cuartel V in the north, Francisco Álvarez in the west and to Merlo and the Río Reconquista in the south.

Origin of the name

The city is named after Mariano Moreno, an Argentine politician.


Was built around the station opened in 1860 Estación Mariano Moreno of Buenos Aires Western Railway at that time gehörendem to Luján area. Almancio Alcorta, the owner of the farm Paso del Rey, had donated the land on which the station was built, and was able to be accrued pieces of land on which a new town was founded, sold at a profit. 1865 a newly built parish church was consecrated, and in the same year, eight new partidos were in the province of Buenos Aires established, one of which Moreno, who was formed from areas of Luján and Pilar. It also included the settlement Cuartel IV. 1878 was extracted from the Partido General Rodríguez Moreno, 1889 General Sarmiento (now San Miguel, Malvinas Argentinas and José C. Paz ).

Since 1997, Moreno seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Merlo - Moreno.

Culture and sights

  • Amancio Alcorta - Museum
  • Immigrant Monument


According to estimates by the INDEC, the population increased from 287 715 inhabitants ( 1991) to 380 530 inhabitants in 2001.


Born here

  • Martín Ariel Vitali ( b. 1975 ), football player
  • Diego Perotti (* 1988), football player