Morning Glory (2010 film)

Morning Glory is an American comedy film, which was directed by Roger Michell. The film was released on November 10, 2010 in the American cinema, and ran on 13 January 2011 in the German cinemas.


Becky Fuller works as a producer at a successful local morning show in New Jersey and expects its comprehensive use a promotion - as well as their counterparts who have appropriate designs can print.

Instead, she is fired from her boss to cut costs from the team to pay for a new, higher qualified and established producers can, to be established as head of the transmitter.

After a lively Job Search Becky accepts the job as producer of the show Daybreak. The Good Morning show Daybreak is, however, " understaffed, underfunded " and takes popular with the public an eternal fourth place among the items on breakfast television.

On her first day Becky fires the gockel adhere male co-host; as a substitute, she manages to commit taking advantage of a contractual term, the renowned news journalist Mike Pomeroy. However, this feels the format below his dignity and is reluctant to moderate light issues; his relationship with his moderation colleague Colleen Peck, a former beauty queen, is characterized by deep dislike.

If the rates can not be increased, the show Daybreak threatens the dismissal. With some alterations to Becky manages to turn for the better; the decisive contribution Mike Pomeroy with a hard -researched exposé, which corresponds to its professional performances, which the show is renewed for another year.

With his change of heart and his new willingness also about soft issues to report, he wins Becky back at the last minute for the Daybreak after they had already spent in the interview for NBC's Today. Although it has always been the Today show was her dream job, Becky waived the offer and stays with their team of Daybreak, which she now regarded as her family.


The film was ' produced by JJ Abrams company Bad Robot Productions with a budget of 40 million U.S. dollars and is presented by Paramount Pictures.


" Roger Michell has his first comedy since " turned Notting Hill "(1999) - and presents a pace, as if he had been waiting for. The rapid exchange of blows reminiscent of screwball classics like " His Girl Friday " with Cary Grant. And Michell does not commit about the faux pas, the young thing and the old hands to seal a romance. Patrick Wilson ( " The Switch " ) plays namely also with ... But ties Hollywoods most charming minimum Mime Harrison Ford, who scarcely deigns into a snarl here after 22 years in one of his signature roles, which is slightly displaced between loud Jedis and Indy: the businessman in the Eighties classic " Working Girl ", which conveys the wise secretary Melanie Griffith from the hall in the executive suite. "

" The Creepy on Morning Glory is the complete lack of awareness of the problem with which the film treats its subject matter. That is discussed in a massive upheaval everywhere on the role of media in newspapers, on television and the Internet, of which he knows nothing. Director Roger Michell imagined instead a tasteless media dream world in pink and finds for the corresponding images: McAdams ' hair surges in slow motion; People sipping coffee from paper cups with an air of importance and meet her true love in an elevator; and Harrison Ford may be eternal grummelnder Star journalist as uninhibited and charging, with socks fetish as McAdams. What a secondary mainstream melodrama could have been, it is a real nuisance. "