Notting Hill (Film)

Notting Hill is an American- British comedy film from the year 1999., Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, director Roger Michell 's. The film was nominated three times for the Film Awards Golden Globe Award and based on a screenplay by Richard Curtis.


Anna Scott, one of the most famous actresses in the world learns by chance William Thacker know, the owner of a small bookshop in London's Notting Hill. She visits the store at the moment when the customer Thacker Rufus caught stealing a book. Rufus, who recognize Anna Scott, this asks for an autograph. In addition to her signature, she writes in this, that he belongs in jail.

As a little later William for his staff bring a drink in a kiosk, he encounters on the way back together on the road with Anna Scott and showered her accidentally with orange juice. He asks her to his house, which is located nearby, so that they can wash there and move. He desperately tries to run small talk and something to drink or eat their offer. The encounter he describes as " surreal but nice ". She kisses him then spontaneously and leaves the apartment.

Anna is invited by William the birthday of his sister Honey. The surprise of the birthday guests about the acquaintance of the otherwise rather shy William is great. One of the guests, Bernie, first learns from his friends that accompanied Williams, he asked for her profession, is actually him famous actress Anna Scott. The star turns out to be very treatable, so it is an enjoyable evening for all, in the course of William and Anna get to know each.

After the birthday party, Anna and William go into an enclosed park, where Anna William kisses another time. After another evening with cinema outings and dinner in a restaurant Anna William takes you on her hotel room. There, however, she expects unexpectedly Anna's friend Jeff King. To Anna not expose, William 's presence of mind as a hotel employee, so that he can hide the embarrassing situation and say goodbye. The incident has not only disappointed him, but deeply hurt. His heartache forces him to have to constantly think of Anna in the subsequent period. His friends try to arrange meetings with other women for him, but not to tell him.

Some time later publish several newspapers earlier nude photos of Anna. Fleeing from the press she hides with William. Both spending romantic time together, socialize at the unintentionally interrupted evening in the hotel room, come back very close and finally sleep well with each other. The next morning, followed by the nasty surprise, because Williams apartment is besieged by reporters. It turns out that his roommate Spike the night before bragging in the pub with the presence of Anna Scott's and now the paparazzi wait in the hope of a new scandal in droves outside the front door. Anna is angry because she knows that her relationship with William will lead to new compromising photos and further fuss about their person without that they can defend themselves against it. Therefore breaks being with William abruptly and fled from the apartment.

Months later, when William thought it had overcome his heartbreak and announces this to his friends, he learns from his best friend, Max, that Anna again staying to filming in London. William visited her on the set, but overhears as she lets announced before a curious colleagues that William was only a casual acquaintance and was almost annoying. Again wounded he leaves the set.

Shortly thereafter, Anna appears in Williams bookstore and tells him about the situation on the set: William assured that they really love him, but this film before her unsympathetic colleagues did not want to betray. As proof, she gives him the original of the valuable painting " La Mariée " by Marc Chagall, a copy of which she saw hanging in Williams apartment. She asks him not to see the famous actress in it, but a simple girl who only ask for his love. William replied, however, that he had been disappointed too often and another disappointment could not cope. Desperate and fighting back tears, Anna then leaves his shop.

William discusses again with his friends, obviously for arguments against a relationship with Anna searching. It was his roommate Spike finally opens his eyes, that his rejection was a mistake. With the help of his friends William arrives at the last second at the press conference that gives Anna shortly before their departure. One of the journalists ask them how long they stay because even in London. It is confirmed that she wanted to leave immediately after the press conference.

William, is spending as a reporter, Anna asks amid the crowd of journalists, whether they would stay if he would confess to have been a fool. You can again ask the question of how long they intend to stay in London and acknowledges this with a "Forever ", and then the reporters and photographers understand that it is the supposed reporter to William and this siege with their cameras.

The film ends with scenes of their wedding celebration. On the wedding cake can be seen, alienated artistic, the goat, which is mapped to the gift of Chagall paintings. In the credits Anna and William sit happy pregnant on a park bench, Anna: a normal happy couple.


The majority of film critics certified the film high entertainment value, fall, according to Rotten Tomatoes 81 of the 98 studied film reviews positive. According to critic consensus of the film offers plenty of romance due to the fine and charming performer.

Dennis Lim comes to a negative judgment when he on 26 May 1999 with the comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, compares the film in the weekly newspaper, The Village Voice, for six years previously also Richard Curtis wrote the screenplay and Hugh Grant one of the Starring occupied. He suggests that Julia Roberts in the role of the selfish and unsympathetic Anna Scott also play themselves. The "excessive awkwardness " Williams in the representation of Hugh Grant, however, bring the film charm.

Tobias Diekmann of movie starts is called the film " a thoroughly amusing and endearing comedy". He praises not only the main characters, they " harmonize in their roles perfectly to each other ," but also highlights some supporting roles out that time and again the main actors steal " lovable sidekicks [ ... ] one the show. Above all convinced Rhys Ifans as crazed WG cronies, who can claim the laugh on his side with original T -shirts and an inimitable flair for the biggest faux pas. Ifans manages to keep his figure always a bit on the pain threshold of embarrassment, without degenerating into a caricature that would get bored after the third scene. " Diekmann emphasized the " dialogue wit [ ... ] that is loaded surprisingly snappy. " Overall, the film count " clearly one of the good of romantic comedies and, thanks to an excellent cast and a brisk script just in this ever- repeating Genre some new [ ... ] set the tone. The fact that these are just identify with the secondary characters, is often not the case, and thus all the more worth mentioning explicitly. For the romance finally alone and Grant Roberts in charge, so that both elements are in a good relationship, and this film [ ... ] charming stand out from the crowd. "

Frank Diekmann Ehrlacher divides opinion as to the quality of the screenplay, the dialogues and the cast of the film. "This really is each role occupied excellent, weaknesses are not discernible. "


The film was nominated in 2000 in three categories for the Golden Globe Film Awards: Best Actress (Julia Roberts), Best Actor ( Hugh Grant) and Best Comedy. The film won the 2000 BAFTA Award for Audience Award. In addition, Duncan Kenworthy, Roger Michell and Rhys Ifans were nominated for the BAFTA Award.

Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans as an actor and the film for Best Comedy in 2000 have been nominated for a Golden Satellite Award. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant were in 2000 nominated as Most Popular pair for the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award. Another nomination was Julia Roberts as a popular actress. Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans and Emma Chambers in 2000 were nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award. Hugh Grant, Roger Michell as an actor and the film for Best British film won the 2000 Empire Award.

The film won the 1999 British Comedy Awards, the Golden Screen and the Bogey Award in Silver in 2000, the Peter Sellers Award for Comedy, the Evening Standard, the Brit Award for Best Soundtrack and the Hungarian Csapnivaló Award.


The film was partly shot on location in Notting Hill and in the park of Kenwood House. The production cost of the film amounted to about 42 million U.S. dollars, of which 15 million were on the Gage for Julia Roberts. The same amount is called Anna Scott in a scene of the film, in which she is asked about her recent fee.

Original idea of the script was the surprise of the people of Notting Hill Anna Scott's appearance at the birthday party. As part of the promotion of the film, therefore, Julia Roberts was asked by the editors of the magazine Marie Claire to attend a private party at the home of unmarried bookseller Sasha Jarolim in New York. Neither the host nor the other guests were informed by the editors of the identity of the surprise guest. There, too - like in the movie - it was not recognized by some of the guests right away, others fell instantly in awe. A female guest asked Julia Roberts make their initial profession, got the answer " actress " and asked innocently on to the plays in which she was to be seen.

In 2003, the global revenue of the film had reached the height of about 300 million dollars. Thus Notting Hill is regarded as the - by Pretty Woman - second most successful film starring Julia Roberts.

In a scene that was not used later in the film shows how William Anna imagines his parents. However, this scene occurs in the trailer that was shown in theaters.

In a long street scene shortly after Anna flees from the apartment of William, William runs melancholy a street market along. Musical accompaniment is the scene with the song Is not no sunshine. Here the seasons change from summer to spring. A pregnant woman from the beginning of the scene can be seen at the end with the baby in her arms. Williams sister Honey is newly in love at the beginning and separates crying at the end of the scene. In fact, the scene consists of a plurality of individual parts, and the transitions can be identified. The individual sections were thereby masked by foreground objects in the sense of invisible cuts, similar to what was practiced as early as 1948 in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope.

The song When You Say Nothing at All by Ronan Keating was recorded specifically for the film as the first solo single after his time with Boyzone. In a song originally by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz and has been published by Keith Whitley and Alison Krauss.