The Moselotte in La Bresse

The Moselotte in Cornimont

The Moselotte is a river in France, which runs in the Lorraine region in the department of Vosges. It rises in the Vosges, in the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges. Your source is located at Hohneck ( " Fontaine de la Duchesse " ), in the municipality of La Bresse. The Moselotte drains generally in a westerly direction and leads after 48 km in the municipality of Saint- Étienne- lès- Remiremont, near the small town Remiremont, as a right tributary of the Moselle. With its water flow of 13.7 m³ / s it is by a good 40 % larger than the Mosel ( 9.3 m³ / s ) and thus hydrologically the main strand of the Mosel river system. Its catchment area is greater by 60 %.

Places on the river

  • La Bresse
  • Cornimont
  • Saulxures -sur -Moselotte
  • Thiéfosse
  • Vagney
  • Bréhavillers, Municipality of Le Syndicat
  • Saint- Amé


From the hill Chèvre Roche ( 826 m) one has distant views of the valley and the Moselotte on the mountaintop Haut du Roc (1014 m).