Remiremont ( German Romberg, less common variations are Reimer mountain or Rumsberg ) in the upper Moselle valley is a commune with 7895 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the arrondissement of the department of Vosges Epinal. She is also the main town ( chef-lieu ) of the eponymous canton and which was established in 2004 Kommunalverband Porte des Hautes- Vosges.


In the city of Remiremont the Moselle takes its first major tributary, joins the road from the right Moselotte on. Remiremont located on the edge of the Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges, with which it is associated.

Neighboring communities of Remiremont are Saint-Étienne- lès- Remiremont in the northeast, Dommartin- lès- Remiremont the East and Southeast, Le Val- D'Ajol in the south and Saint- Nabord in the west and northwest.


The town's name comes from Romaric, a nobleman at the court of Austrasia at Metz; He received the villa as a gift from King Chlothar II Habendum in the Vosges Mountains, he made the nucleus of a monastery, where he lived for 30 years in the year 620. He died 653 Amé, a preacher, monk and disciple of St. Columbanus of Luxeuil, took part in this foundation. The Bishop Arnulf of Metz, the progenitor of the Carolingian and Arnulf Inger died around here, probably in the year 640, and was buried in the monastery until you later on led him to Metz. In the neighborhood of the monastery was a Carolingian royal court.

In the year 910 a nunnery was founded near the monastery, which was one of the most important Roman in the Holy Empire and its protection was the city Remiremont. Gradually, the original monastery developed into a community of canonesses, secular and feudal, the Chapitre de Remiremont, the young women was reserved from the high nobility. About 50 nobles lived here in abundance, as the abbey had numerous possessions and the abbess held the rank of a princess. Medieval German names for the monastery are " Rumberc " (13th century) and " Rombech " (1410 ). In the 15th century the abbey came under the suzerainty of the Dukes of Lorraine, who thus assumed the title of Count of Remiremont. This situation was about the beginning of the French Revolution not long: On December 7, 1790, the church was closed.

Remiremont was until September 10, 1926 the capital of a district, the district has since been one to Epinal.



  • ( 1049 consecrated rebuilt several times ) Abbey Remiremont with former collegiate church of Saint Pierre, hall crypt (11th century), flanked by two single-nave Seitenkrypten
  • Palais of the abbesses (1752 ), now the town hall, court and library
  • Kanonissinnenhäuser high aristocratic canonesses ( 17th and 18th century), near the Collegiate Church
  • Musée Charles Friry ( paintings, religious cabaret ) in a house of the Sisters of the Canon (some rooms with original features of the 18th century)
  • Musée Fondation Charles de Bruyère ( pre-and early history, paintings, sculptures ) in another house of canonesses
  • Houses on Rue Charles -de- Gaulle with arch spanned arcades, built in the 17th and 18th centuries


  • Arnulf of Metz, Saint, Bishop of Metz, the progenitor of the Carolingian and Arnulf Inger died on July 18, probably 640 at Remiremont
  • Waldrada ( † after 868 ), wife of King Friedel Lothar II of Lorraine (ca. 835-869 )
  • Blessed Alix Le Clerc (1567-1622) nun and foundress
  • Abbé Bexon (1748-1784), French naturalist, Buffon's employees ( Histoire naturelle)
  • Félix Jules Méline (1838-1925), several times Agriculture Minister and Prime Minister from 1896 to 1898, the founders of the Crédit Agricole
  • Léon Werth (1878-1955), writer and art critic
  • Christian Poncelet ( b. 1928 ), politician (UMP ), President of the Senate since 1998 and long-time mayor of the city
  • Julien Absalon ( born 1980 ), Olympic champion in 2004 by mountain bike


In "Dear Council of Remiremont ", an anonymous parody dispute poem from the 12th century in Latin verse on the pattern of theological councils and in the style of Minne courts - is the question of whether cleric or knight made ​​better lovers - in the nunnery Remiremont.

About attained national fame of Carnaval has vénitien of Remiremont in the style of Carnival in Venice.