La Baffe

La Baffe is a commune with 643 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges of Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Est and the Local Government Association, founded in 2008 Voge vers les Rives de la Moselle.

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The municipality of La Baffe located about nine kilometers southeast of Epinal in the western foothills of the Vosges.

The municipality covers a portion of the relatively wide central Ruisseau - d'Argent - valley, which narrows towards the southwest to the Moselle valley down again. To the north- west the land rises to a height of over 600 meters to reach striking ridge that extends from the Mosel Valley in Epinal to the headwaters of the Arentèle. The lower elevations of 9 km ² large municipality area up to about 420 meters above sea level are dominated by urban and agricultural land. The upper layers - correspond approximately to the north-western half of the community - are taken from the Forêt de la Baffe Communale, a part of a large contiguous forest.

At La Baffe include the district Mossoux as well as the hamlets and isolated farms Le Voe, Mignauvoid and Le Pré balloon.

Neighboring communities of La Baffe are Aydoilles in the north, Charmois -devant- Bruyeres in the east, Cheniménil in the southeast, southwest, and Archettes in Epinal in the northwest.


La Baffe lay on the Roman road from Langres about Bains- les- Bains to Deneuvre at the Meurthe.

The Village (1793 Labaffe yet written ) was in the Ancien Régime to Bailliage Epinal, church to church Archettes. This changed in 1847 with the construction of the village church.



  • Church of the Assumption ( Église de l' Assomption -de -Notre -Dame), built in 1847

Economy and infrastructure

In La Baffe the agriculture and forestry now plays a subordinate role. In recent decades, the church has become a place of residence for commuters from the nearby Epinal. In addition, the community site of a public kindergarten and a Dominican school for girls.

Transport links

The department Straße 11 of Epinal by La Bresse (as part of the highway Epinal Colmar) runs through the municipality of La Baffe. Further road links exist with the neighboring communities Charmois -devant- Bruyeres, Cheniménil and Archettes. Four kilometers southeast of La Baffe the breakpoint Cheniménil - Docelles is on the run by the TER Lorraine railway line Arches Saint- Dié.