Laval -sur- Vologne is a commune of 640 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, founded the canton of Bruyeres and to the 2002 Local Government Association Vallée de la Vologne.

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The municipality of Laval -sur- Vologne is located in the Vosges Mountains at a height of 420 meters above sea level, approximately halfway between Epinal and St.-Die.

The area of ​​3.58 km ² municipal area includes a portion of the valley of the Vologne. The Vologne rises at the Vosges ridge changes here their flow direction by 90 ° from northwest to southwest and thus reaches its northernmost point in Laval. In the municipality prevails arable and pasture land, only on the slopes of the Haut de Thiémont in the west, south of the Vologne (Les Noves ) and in the extreme northwest ( Forêt de faite ) to find smaller wooded areas.

Shaping the settlement pattern of the village is the traditional paper mill south of the village center, for over the Canal des Usines water is diverted from the Vologne.

At Laval include the hamlets and farms Champ Graville, Les Faye, Les Antilleux and Les Grandes Feignes.

Neighboring communities of Laval -sur- Vologne are Bruyeres in the northeast, Champ- le- Duc in the east, in the southeast Fiménil, Prey in the southwest and Fays in the West.


The village of Laval -sur- Vologne was called to 1937 Laval. It belonged in the Ancien Régime to the Bailiwick of Bruyeres and dependent on the chapter in Remiremont Parish of Champ- le- Duc.



  • Church of St. Magdalena ( Église Sainte -Madeleine ), 2009/2010 internally renovated with funds from the sale of the parsonage

Economy and infrastructure

The largest company in Laval is the paper mill Nova Tissue SAS, a subsidiary of the Italian Cartiere Luccese Spa ( Lucart ). The operation represents cartons forth for food packaging as well as paper towels, toilet paper and tissues. He continues the 150-year tradition of paper processing in Volognetal. There are also agricultural and service enterprises in the village.

Laval is kindergarten and primary school location.

Transport links

The Volognetal following the road of Bruyeres after Docelles (D 44) leads by the municipality of Laval. The road is one of the two direct connections between Epinal and Saint- Dié, the two largest cities in the department. The nearest railway station is two kilometers away at the small town of Bruyeres operated by TER Lorraine railway line Arches Saint- Dié.