Cleurie is a commune with 638 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges of Lorraine region. It belongs to the district Epinal, the canton Remiremont and is a member of the Association of Local Authorities was founded in 1996 Vallée de la Cleurie.

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The community Cleurie lies in the Vosges, between the towns Remiremont and Gerardmer.

The 11 km ² large municipality of Cleurie is bounded on the south-east from the river Cleurie, the godfather stood for the community name. The approximately 200 meter wide valley lies 420 to 460 meters above sea level. The mountain streams Ruisseau des Basses, Le Grand Ruisseau des Rupt and Voues open in the municipal area in the Cleurie. The land rises to the north- west on 750 to 800 meters, in the north of the municipality 's highest point is at the Tête de la Charmotte reaches 819 meters.

The higher elevations in the north and west of the municipality are forested and are part of the Forêt Domaniale de Fossard. Cleurie is a typical scattered settlement in the Lorraine part of the Vosges. It has emerged no village center, the individual house - building on exposed southern slope layers has been aggravated in recent times. The banks of the Cleurie other hand, is hardly developed. The municipality of the districts Flaconnière the northeast and Putière belong to the southwest. Agriculture is due to the altitude rather than only to a modest extent, grazing land, however, is to be found up in the higher slopes.

Neighboring communities of Cleurie are Tendon in the north, La Bresse to the northeast, La Forge in the east, Le Syndicat in the Southeast, Saint- Amé in the south and Saint- Étienne- lès- Remiremont in the West.


The territory of the municipalities Cleurie and La Forge was in Ban Moulin, which was dependent on the provost in Arches. Following construction of churches in La Bresse and Saint- Amé the inhabitants were the parish in the respective nearer churches. During the period of community neoplasms during the French Revolution, the old spell and parish boundaries were no longer considered. So went from the old mill spell out two communities. From the place name Les Arrentès de Cleurie was Cleurie, from Les Arrentès du Ban de Saint -Joseph, the municipality of La Forge.

1850, the Mairie - école ( Hall School ) was built. It has been destroyed by shelling in 1944, 1954 was rebuilt.

For the year 1936, there are more detailed statistical information, which together contributed a teacher - couple. In the community at that time lived 378 inhabitants, of whom eight were foreigners. The population made ​​up 86 households in 70 houses. Three houses were uninhabited. It is also mentioned that in the period 1911-1936 there was a tendency to move from the higher elevations in the valley.

Between the two world wars, the community Cleurie reached a degree of prosperity through agriculture, crafts and a granite quarry. Even then commuted many residents in the neighboring village of Le Syndicat. There were two mills and a cardboard factory.


From the 1970s, the community Cleurie experienced a boom with a significant increase in the population, due to reorganization measures and increasing the supply of building areas. At the beginning of the 21st century, the population increased again slightly.

Economy and infrastructure

From agriculture now live only a few members of the community. In the south of the village there is the Z.A. du Champ de l' Étraye a small commercial area. Here is the electronics company with approximately 60 employees Enrulec resident. In addition to a traditional small sawmill there with the impression Rotary Cod'Etiq another medium-sized company in Cleurie. He has specialized in the production of bar codes and labels. However, most professionals commute to the industrial and service companies in the immediate area.

Cleurie is now active by cottages on the tourism area. This development owes the community of the location close to the waterfalls of Tendon and the Lac de Gerardmer and convenient transport links.

The community is home to an elementary school.

In Cleurie there is no church. For the pastoral care of the nearby churches in Saint- Amé and in the district of the town of Le Syndicat Julienrupt are responsible

Transport links

In Cleurietal the Department of Road 417 Remiremont runs over Gerardmer in Colmar. Furthermore, there are road links to neighboring towns of La Forge and Saint- Amé. About the 730 meter high Col du Singe is a non- usable year-round road access to Éloyes in the Mosel valley.

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