Chaumousey Lorraine is a municipality with 871 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Vosges. It belongs to the district Epinal, Epinal to Canton -Ouest and since January 1, 2012 Kommunalverband Agglomà d' Epinal.


The community Chaumousey located ten kilometers west of Epinal on a gentle plateau that separates the basins of the rivers Moselle, Madon ( a Mosel tributary) and Saône each other. The Canal des Vosges lying immediately in front of the northern boundary of the municipality Chaumouseys that coming here reached the Moselle valley in Epinal after the rise of the flight of locks Golbey the summit level of the main European watershed, which is fed from the nearby reservoir Bouzey.

Neighboring communities of Chamousey are Darnieulles in the north, Sanchey in the east, in the southeast Renauvoid, Girancourt in the south, Dommartin- aux- Bois in the west and Gorhey in the northwest.


1090 emerged the place for the first time in a document as Calmosiacum in the context of an abbey of Augustinian canons, whose remains were destroyed during the French Revolution. For 1656 the place name Chamoncey is detected.


The proximity to the department capital Epinal and sightseeing area around the reservoir Bouzey moved in the last 30 years, many city-dwellers according to Chaumousey, which doubled the population of the village at this time.


  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary ( Église de la Nativity Notre Dame ) from 1885

Economy and infrastructure

Chaumousey is home to many commuters in the nearby town of Epinal. The location on the lake of Bouzey brought tourism as a major source of income ( camping, B & B Stables), agriculture plays only a minor role. These were the orchards to Chaumousey, especially the Mirabelle variety of Nancy.

Epinal is about the department of road 460 east attainable, to the west leads into the small town, 28 km away Darney. About the neighboring community Darnieulles is following the dual carriageway Epinal to Vittel.