Vittel ( German outdated: Wittel ) is a commune with 5390 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in Lorraine, the Vosges. It belongs to the district Neufchâteau and is the capital ( chef-lieu ) of the Canton of Vittel. Favored by its high altitude and the wooded surroundings, the small resort town is one of the most famous spas in northeastern France. The place is known by the bottled mineral water brand Vittel there the Nestlé Group.


The city lies about 40 km west of the departments of capital (prefecture) Epinal at an altitude 322-457 m above sea level. A few kilometers southeast of Vittel (at the Col des Clochettes ) is the watershed point of the catchment areas of the rivers Meuse, Rhine ( North Sea) and Rhone (Mediterranean ) from each other.

Neighboring towns of Vittel are Parey -sous -Montfort and They- sous -Montfort in the north, Haréville and Valleroy -le -Sec in the east, Thuillières the southeast, Lignéville in the south, Contrexévillenear in the southwest and Norroy and Saint- Remimont in the West.


The water from the cold springs in Vittel was known to the ancient Romans and is still used today, especially for the treatment of metabolic and liver diseases. The source Grande ( Great Source ) is used in kidney disease. Several million bottles of mineral water sold in the world are filled daily. The sources were acquired at the end of the sixties by the Nestlé Group in October 1990 and were part of the Nestlé Waters Group. The city has a 25 -acre park, which is used in many ways and well attended by families.

During World War II a German internment camp was set up in Vittel. Here the Jewish writer Isaac Cat Nelson wrote his most important work " Dos lid vunm ojsgehargetn Yiddish folk ". The manuscript he buried in bottles packaged under a tree, while a copy - was smuggled to Israel - sewn into a suitcase handle. Both specimens are preserved. Cat Nelson was deported to Auschwitz and murdered there.


  • Thermal bath with sources and pump rooms
  • Kurpark
  • Bottle filling station (currently not accessible to the public ) for the source water Vittel

Flower hill in the park

Large foyer

Water issue in the foyer


  • Community Badenweiler ( Baden- Württemberg), since 21 July 1957 as a Vittel spa resort


  • Darry Cowl (1925-2006), actor, comedian and musician