Darney is a commune with 1198 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the department of Vosges in the Lorraine region; it belongs to the district Neufchâteau, capital is ( chef-lieu ) of the Canton of Darney and seat of the municipality Association Pays de Saône et Madon.


The community Darney on the upper Saône - only a few kilometers from their source - is located between the südlothringischen spas Vittel and Bains- les- Bains.

Neighboring communities of Darney are Bonvillet in the north and northeast, Belrupt in the east, in the southeast Hennezel, Attigny the south and southwest, Belmont -lès -Darney in the west and Relanges in the northwest.


Darney was called in ancient times Daren Haye, celtic for entrance to the forest. Subsequently, the municipality " Darney aux trente tours" was called; of the 30 towers is, however, not much get.

1918 declared French President Raymond Poincaré in Darney the independence of Czechoslovakia. The former Hôtel de Ville is now a Franco- Czechoslovak Museum, in particular, the Declaration of Independence is kept.



  • Slavkov, Czech Republic, since 1985 (former name: Austerlitz )


  • The French theologian Nicolas- Sylvestre Bergier (1718-1790) was born in Darney.
  • Jean -Baptiste Bresson (1760-1832), lawyer and deputy in the National Convention, comes from Darney.