Bains- les- Bains is a commune with 1241 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the department of Vosges of Lorraine region. It is the capital of the eponymous canton and the seat of the Municipal Association of Val de Voge.


The spa town of Bains- les- Bains is located about 30 km southwest of Epinal in the Voge on the western flank of the Vosges. Due to the location of Bagnerot, a tributary of the coney, which forms the western boundary of the municipality is flowing.

To Bains- les- Bains include the districts of La Fontaine aux Bois, La Manufacture, La Rappe, Le Chesnois, Le Pré Verdot, Le Raval and Les Fontenelle.

Neighboring communities of Bains -les- Bains Les Voivres in the north, La Chapelle- aux- Bois in the northeast, Le Clerjus the southeast, Trémonzey in the south, Fontenoy- le -Château in the west and Hautmougey in the northwest.


The hot springs were already used by the Romans. Originally called the place Balneum later Bains -en- Vosges.

Since the 13th century the city was under the influence of the Abbey Remiremont. Little is known about the subsequent period, but in 1498 there was a disastrous fire, a flood in 1571 and 1682 an earthquake.

Duke Leopold of Lorraine (1679-1729) was the swimming area to rebuild and adopted a bathing regulations for use of the baths against excessive remuneration. This development continued under Duke Stanislaus continued, and so it is today: constant improvements and changes to fit the seaside resort on the needs of the spa guests. In 1928, they specialized in the treatment of heart and circulatory diseases. Since 1987, rheumatic diseases are treated.

  • Roman Bath
  • Church of Saint- Colomban
  • City Hall in Bains- les- Bains


Since 1975, a partnership with the German community Bonn village in the Black Forest (Baden- Württemberg).

Bains- les- Bains is presented with the spas Contrexévillenear, Plombières- les- Bains and Vittel as " baths square" in the Vosges.

Transport links

The train station of Bains- les- Bains on the railway line Belfort - Nancy is located approximately four kilometers south-east of the resort. In the village the roads department D 434 and D 164 cross

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